BU Alumni Council

Boston University Alumni Council (BUAC)

The BUAA is led by an Alumni Council (BUAC), which is made up of approximately 40 alumni, representative of all BU schools and colleges.

All BUAC’s members serve on one or more of the following committees:

  • Career Networking & Student Engagement
  • College/School Relations
  • Communications & Marketing
  • Development
  • Regional & International Networks

The BUAC’s committees work toward the following strategic directions, respectively:

  • Enhancing the quality of service to alumni
  • Increasing awareness of the BUAA among alumni and current students and recommending effective career networking and career-enhancement programs
  • Implementing best practices for reaching out to alumni by developing lifelong learning opportunities
  • Identifying ways to increase BU Alumni brand identity among alumni and reach a wider alumni audience
  • Increasing Boston University’s annual alumni giving participation
  • Engaging alumni in regional and affinity programs and events

The Alumni Leadership Forum (ALF) is an initiative of the BUAC to bring together alumni leaders from all alumni networks around the globe with three broad purposes:

  • To represent alumni interests
  • To advise the BUAC
  • To serve as a communication and advisory conduit between and among the BUAC and other alumni networks

The ALF meets at least once a year and provides the opportunity for representatives from each recognized BUAA component organization to come together (live or electronically) to receive University updates and share tools, ideas and resources.