What is an Alumni Network?

There are three types of Alumni Network – affinity, domestic and international.

An Alumni Network is an organization of Boston University alumni living in the same area who gather together to support Boston University and its community and to develop and sustain strong ties with each other and the University.

Which affinity networks would you would find the most valuable as ways to connect with similarly interested alumni?

Who is Eligible for Membership?

You are eligible to join an alumni network if you:

  • hold a degree from Boston University
  • completed more than one semester at Boston University
  • are a parent or guardian of a current or former student at BU
  • are a spouse of a current or former BU student
  • have been awarded an honorary degree from Boston University
  • are an honorary member of the association

What is the Role of an Alumni Network?

The Alumni Network plays a vital role in carrying out the mission of the University. The leadership role of an association is to encourage and promote the following:

  • Enhancement of the University’s reputation
  • Recruitment help with prospective students, especially those of high scholastic achievement
  • Sustaining loyalty and enthusiasm among Boston University alumni
  • Keeping the University’s alumni office informed of up-to-date addresses
  • Forwarding information concerning prominent alumni to the University’s alumni office
  • Opportunities for professional development
  • Community service
  • Social events
  • Intellectual stimulation