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Don’t wait until after graduation to get involved with the Boston University Alumni Association—we’ve got lots of opportunities to enhance your BU experience right now.

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Make connections with BU alumni by supporting and hosting social and networking events. Meet alumni who work in your aspiring career field, get tips from industry professionals, and ultimately help strengthen ties among members of the BU community.
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Class Gift Campaign

Each year, members of BU’s graduating class band together to give back to BU with a Class Gift. Your support and investment in BU can help improve the lives of future students and boost the University’s rankings, which makes your degree look even better. For more information, visit the Class Gift website.

Dean of Students

Get updates on what’s happening at BU from the Dean of Students office, which advises student organizations and facilitates programs dedicated to enriching student life.

Scarlet Key

Boston University’s Scarlet Key Honor Society was founded in 1938 as an activities honor society, in which new members were voted in—or tapped—annually by existing members. Initially, members tapped their future inductees on the shoulder to hand them their induction ceremony invitation. The formal initiation ceremonies took place each spring and fall.

Today, BU faculty and staff nominate potential inductees annually in the spring for fall tapping, followed by a formal induction ceremony during Commencement Weekend in May.
Student Nominations Honorary Nominations

To help us build a better alumni database for the Scarlet Key Honor Society, contact Sarah Speltz at

BU faculty members and staff can nominate seniors for induction into the Scarlet Key Honor Society. Candidates are students who have exhibited exceptional leadership during their years at BU. Selection is based on excellence in University student activities and organizations, commitment to the individual’s School or College, and scholarship.

Syed Amir Ali

Kyle Bannon

Bezawit Begosew

Robert Burr

Dekoiya Burton

Stephen Caron

Lindsey Chew

Andrew Cho

Megan Collins

Tanner Cridland

Kevin Doherty

Fiona Egan

Alejandro Eguren

Aubrey Fiacco

Stefanie Grossano

Celeste Hamre

Rebekah Heath

Amal Hechehouche

Issa Kenyatta

Melanie Kirsh

Jessica Klein

Amanda Kobner

Garen Kroshian

Austin Kruger

Dylan Lewellyn

Joshua Liebowitz

Jiaxin Lin

Lauren MacLellan

Paul Matthew Maginnis

Rodrigo Mendoza Lee

Griffin Monahan

Stephanie Nasson

Madeline O’Connell

Charina Ortega

Raushan Palejwala

Maria Poccia

Xavier Quezada

Alanna Raskin

Kate Schade

Frederick Schmidt

Allie Silverman

Alexus Skobodzinski

Emily Tillo

Nancy Tran

Gabriella Vasquez

Anna Veselovsky

Luke Walsh

Enze Yan

Nominations for Honorary Scarlet Key candidates—separate and distinct from the consideration of students into Scarlet Key—are open to faculty, staff, alumni, trustees, and other members of the BU community.

Al Petras

Emma Previato

Bill Walter