Category: Alumni Starter Kit 2018

Alumni Starter Kit | Making An Impact

Let your actions speak As a BU Alum, there are many ways to make an impact on your Terrier community. Whether you decided to volunteer, make a gift, or be part of our Career Advisory network, there are tons of options for giving back. Welcome to part four of our 2018 Alumni Starter Kit, Making […]

Alumni Starter Kit | Sharing Your Terrier Pride

Living that #ProudtoBU life Alumni have the opportunity to shine in so many ways. Whether it be at work or in life, we want to hear what you’ve been up to. With multiple communities to choose from, we have a ton of options for you to shout your accomplishments from the (digital) rooftop. Be loud. […]

Alumni Starter Kit | Building Your Network

Will the BU Terriers please stand up! Shake hands, converse, exchange business cards; rinse and repeat. Making new connections is not easy. The conversations are awkward, “cold emailing” seems rude and LinkedIn can be as passive as sending a resume to There’s no one size fits all solution to building a network, but it’s not […]

Alumni Starter Kit | Benefits

The perks of being a Terrier You did it! Now that you’ve graduated and stepped on the seal, we have a gift for you. In celebration of your new alumni status, we’ve unlocked a series of benefits to help you give this “real world” thing the old college try. Our little gift basket of goodies includes […]