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Alumni Starter Kit | Part 5: Onward

It’s been almost two months since you graduated and this alumni thing hasn’t been so bad. As you celebrate The 4th of July and watch the sky burst into an array of vibrant colors, you can smile to yourself knowing that you’ve officially achieved your own alumni independence. Now that you’ve cashed in on your […]

Alumni Starter Kit | Part 4: Getting Involved

Raise your hand if the following applies to you… Have you screamed “Go Terriers!” when you spot someone on the street with a BU t-shirt on? Do you consider the acronym “B.C.” one the most offensive…ever? Does the movie, “Gone with the Wind” have a special meaning to you? During undergrad were you superstitious about […]

Alumni Starter Kit | Part 2: Career Resources

Work, work, work, work, work. College may have come to a close, but the work never stops. Whether you’ve just finished decorating your office cubicle, still looking for the right role, or getting a jumpstart on your next degree. One thing has been made clear: Life after undergrad is hard (queue the Rhianna song, please). […]

Alumni Starter Kit | Part 1: Benefits

Graduate? Check. Find yourself. Check. Step on the seal? Double check. Nailed it! You graduated! While you bask in the afterglow of your accomplishments and look forward to what’s next, many newly minted college alums may be confused as to their current status with BU. What does my new status as an alum mean? Will […]