Alumni Starter Kit 2019

Welcome to your Alumni Starter Kit, a series designed to help you take your next steps off Comm Ave. Now that you’ve stepped on the seal, we’d like to clue you in on all the perks you get as an alum.

Keep yourself active while saving up to 35% on the regular alumni plan on a FitRec membership. Or purchase men’s hockey season tickets at Agganis Arena for only $219 – a discount of $180! You can even stop by the BU Barnes & Noble to snag some discounted gear.

Save up to $150 on a Zipcar membership. Stay covered while you’re on the move with insurance discounts. Visiting Boston for the weekend? Get special rates and discounts on Boston-area hotels while you’re in town.

We know you’re probably done with classes by now…but we’ve got the resources in case you want more! Wherever you end up, keep your mind sharp with a free online course. Learn a new skill by watching one of our webinars-on-demand. Or develop a new skill by taking an audited class.


Venturing in the Adult World can be a scary thing, but leaning on your alumni network makes it easier. From building your local network to connecting with Terriers while you’re on the move, we’ve got you covered.

Start by joining the Boston University LinkedIn group. Looking for one-on-one advice? The Career Advisory Network is the perfect place to start. Build up your Terrier pack!

Networking is easier in a room full of Terriers (we give you name tags!). View the full events calendar to find an event near you!

From career webinars to educational programs, you have many opportunities to learn from seasoned professionals in your Terrier network. Learn how to Overcome 3 Common Challenges as a New Manager on July 16.

You can even check out the Proud To BU Podcast, an interview series with accomplished alumni in various industries sharing unique stories to success.


There are tons of ways to show off your BU pride: from wearing BU gear head to toe to adopting a Boston Terrier and naming him Rhett… #casual. No matter how you choose to let everyone know where you came from, we bet you’ll be surprised just how many people say “I went to BU, too!”

Follow us on Instagram for some pretty nostalgic (dare we say tear-jerking) images. While you’re on there, search “Boston University” to find some Rhett-themed stickers for your stories! Find us onTwitter for events, news updates and the occasional GIF. And yes, we’re still on Facebook.

Rep your class: #BU2019; Be part of the alumni club: #BUalumni; Show your Terrier pride: #ProudToBU

With alumni communities all around you, you’re not out there all alone! Find a Facebook group for folks in your area and tune in every Tuesday for our #TerrierTuesdays Instagram takeovers. Plus, search through the alumni directory to find even more Terriers near you.

Not feeling super social? We got you. Throw on your Beats® and download the latest Proud To BU Podcast episode. Or listen to one of our Spotify playlists to get you through the work day.


Making a difference doesn’t have to stop just because you left campus. There are so many ways to give back to the groups and people who made BU special. How you make your impact is up to you, but we have a few ideas to get you started…

Want to make sure your BU fam carries on your legacy? Last year, young alumni like you raised over $100,000 for their favorite clubs and teams. Talk about strength in numbers. Sign up to help your favorite group reach their goals next year.

If you’re making a difference in your community, we want to know about it! Keep that enthusiasm going and participate in Global Days of Service 2020 next April. Until then, check out the impact from GDS 2019.

Over 2,711 members of your class made a gift to BU over the past year. From scholarships to student concerts, cheers to you for moving BU forward!!


Sometimes self-advocating is hard. Lucky for you, BU has an entire group of young alumni dedicated to making sure your voice is heard. Check out this year’s BUYAC members and learn more about their personalities in GIF-form.

From North America to Asia, there are events for you all over the globe. Attend a young alumni event and get to know the Terriers in your area. Be sure to also check out the full events calendar for more events near you.

Don’t forget to plan your trip back to campus this September for your first ever Alumni Weekend, September 18–22! From a Re-U-Knighted event at Fuller’s BU pub (don’t forget your drink ticket!) to a game at Fenway, fill up your “shopping cart” and choose from the many young alumni events. Like a box of Cheez Its, you can’t have just one!

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If you ever have a question, don’t hesitate to reach out – we’re here for you!