Alumni Starter Kit | Making An Impact


Let your actions speak

As a BU Alum, there are many ways to make an impact on your Terrier community. Whether you decided to volunteer, make a gift, or be part of our Career Advisory network, there are tons of options for giving back. Welcome to part four of our 2018 Alumni Starter Kit, Making An Impact.

Show me the ways

Instagram Takeovers: Your chance to update the alumni community on what you’ve been up to

Rhett’s Ralliers: Help us get the word out about our events and contests.

Global Days of Service: Volunteer for Global Days of Service (#BUDaysofService) next april

Career Advisory Network: Your spot for all things careers

you’re so gift-y.


Shout out to everyone who made a gift this past year – There have been over 2,600 and counting. You are one of the most generous classes to date!

If you’ve given, you’re one step closer to BU’s Loyal Circle. Reserved for those who give every year since graduation. You’ll earn perks like discounts, early access to events, and snazzy donor swag. See Your Impact in Action.

become a volunteer.


If you’re making a difference in your community, we want to know about it! Keep that enthusiasm going and participate in Global Days of Service 2019 next April. Until then, check out the impact from #BUDaysofService 2018.

Make a gift today!