Alumni Starter Kit | Onward


Terrier independence achieved!

July has arrived, which means it’s almost been two months since you entered post-grad life. Do you feel older? Do you feel wiser? No? Neither do we. The world is your oyster, young Terriers and we hope you do everything you can to make the most of it.

Welcome to the final issue of your Alumni Starter Kit which means you’ve officially achieved your alumni independence. Cue the fireworks, please!

What’s next?


In the coming weeks, you’ll begin to receive monthly emails from your Alumni Association. Be on the lookout for the BU Backyard (local events), The Edge (career resources), and the Bostonia (your alumni magazine).

Let us know what emails you want to receive.

Catch up on what you missed.


Didn’t catch all of the Starter Kit emails? Find anything you missed below.

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“I’ll be back” -The BU Pub

Didn’t get a chance to celebrate senior year at the pub? Come back to campus this September for an exclusive Class of 2018 Toast – It’s on us. Get notified when registration opens.

Tunes for the road ahead.

The Starter Kit might be coming to an end but the summer sun is still shining brightly. Help build the Class of 2018 “Grad Vibes” playlist.

If you ever have a question, don’t hesitate to reach out!

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