It’s A Match! Seven BU Pairings That Go Perfectly Together


Like a fine wine and the perfect meal, some things in life just work better together. Peanut butter and jelly are inseparable. Netflix would be nothing without a chill friend, and what’s a good workout without music pulsating through your ears? When thinking about Boston University the same applies. Some things on campus are just meant to be. They’re the perfect match:

1. Rhett and Agganis Arena

Each year Agganis Arena is flooded with fans eager to cheer on our student-athletes. It wouldn’t be the same if Rhett were missing. Without our beloved pup, the games seem more like practice. Rhett makes it official.


2. Fuller’s BU Pub and a pint

While those outside the proverbial BU walls may just see the Dahod Family Alumni Center as a historic landmark. Any BU alum knows a visit to the castle must include a stop at the Pub for a pint.


3. A sunny day and the BU Beach

When the sun breaks on campus, it’s time to hit the beach. Without the BU Beach, where would students gather to take in the rays, throw a frisbee and lie in the grass? “Let’s go get a tan on Marsh Plaza” doesn’t seem to have the same ring to it…and might hurt a little.


4. A lecture hall and ice coffee

No explanation needed. How else did we get through class?


5. West Campus and the jack-o-lantern statue

It may look like a random (and creepy) statue, but for a Terrier, the Jack-o-Lantern’s glowing smile means you’ve safely arrived on West Campus.


6. The Citgo sign and a clear night

Whether you were heading home after a late night out or Ubering back to campus after working overtime. The sight of the Citgo sign glowing in the distance was the perfect “North Star” guide back to campus.


7. A gift to Boston University and matching funds

What’s better than a gift to the Boston University fund of your choice? A gift that earns matching funds. Give to any cause at BU by June 30, and your gift will earn matching money for student scholarships.


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