Alumni Starter Kit | Building Your Network


Will the BU Terriers please stand up!

Shake hands, converse, exchange business cards; rinse and repeat. Making new connections is not easy. The conversations are awkward, “cold emailing” seems rude and LinkedIn can be as passive as sending a resume to There’s no one size fits all solution to building a network, but it’s not all bad news. We can provide a jump start. From building a local constituency to connecting with Terriers while on the move, we’ve got you covered.

You’ve had a network all along, we’re just here to teach you how to use it.

Now click your heels three times and…

Tools to use


Five: Regional Managers at your service to help find events near you, or host something new

Two: Educational program managers to help appeal to your interests

Career Advisory Network: For those in need of one-on-one industry advice, an informational interview or just an extra set of eyes on their resume

Alumni App: Where you’ll find a map of Terriers near you, professionals in your network, and more

Events: Learn about what’s coming up in your area. If you can think of the event, we most likely have it. See you there!

Teach me how to…


Find Terriers: Start by joining the Boston University LinkedIn group. Find your dogs on the alumni app. Connect with a regional manager in your area. Build up your Terrier pack!

Mix and mingle: Networking is easier in a room full of Terriers…and name tags. Check out our events page for local events happening near you, industry networking, happy hours, class parties, you name it, we’ve got it.

Learn from the best: Our Career Programs team has you covered. From webinars to educational programs you have many opportunities to learn from seasoned professionals in your Terrier network. Also, keep an eye out for “The Edge” monthly newsletter in your inbox to help give your career just that.

Stay in the loop by…

BU Terriers are everywhere, who knows where the next one will show up. There could even be one in your office. Downloading our alumni app can help you pinpoint them. Meaning getting the attention of that recruiter you’ve been eyeing could be easier than you thought. While our app is great for discovering connections, our Linkedin group is a great tool for posting a job opening, starting a discussing or sharing a promotion. We love it when our Terriers succeed.

P.S. our LinkedIn information is integrated with the alumni app into one profile. Make sure to list BU in your education history and keep your profile up to date

Ready to take your next step?


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