Why Winning The Global Days Of Service T-Shirt Contest Is The Ultimate Humblebrag

Every April, Terriers from across the globe hit the streets to give back for the month-long initiative known as Global Days of Service. These community members can be seen making an impact in their local soup kitchens, parks, and food pantries, and are all clearly identified by the bold t-shirts on their backs. At the beginning of each year, the Alumni Association holds a competition to find the best design. This shirt conveys the impact of Global Days of Service, and its ability to connect members of the BU community across the world.

Here’s why winning the #BUDaysofService T-shirt Contest is the ultimate humblebrag:

1. Your Design will be worn by over 2,000 BU volunteers.


Whoa…That’s a lot of people!

2. You’ll get featured on social media as the winning designer.


So. Many. Likes!

3. Your design will be featured in Global Days of Service marketing in future years.


BU famous is the same as real famous, right?

4. The winning designer will receive an Apple TV.


Viewing parties? Binge watching? The possibilities are endless!

Think you have what it takes? Enter below:

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