Young Alumni Spotlight: How Patrick MacGregor Became A Leader On And Off The Ice

Young Alumni Spotlight: How Patrick MacGregor Became A Leader On And Off The Ice

Pat MacGregor (CGS‘12, COM‘14) dreamed of wearing the iconic scarlet and white hockey jersey since he was a child, but it wasn’t until after graduating from BU did he realize that his time on the ice would help him develop the skills and knowledge to propel him towards a successful career in San Francisco.

Facing-off with his goals

Although selling security software to corporate giants like Costco and Starbucks may seem worlds away from hustling down the ice at Agganis Arena, Patrick MacGregor says the skill set needed to succeed both as a Division I hockey player and employee of the IBM-owned company Resilient overlaps quite a bit. “First of all, there is the competitive aspect, which I’m great at. Then being able to ride out the ups and downs, and finally, working as a team.”

A leader on and off the ice

Teamwork was perhaps one of the most central features of MacGregor’s time on campus. In his role as co-captain of the Men’s Ice Hockey team, MacGregor was determined to lead by example. “I couldn’t believe I was voted captain. Once I was, though, I really wanted to lead by example. It was important to show everyone that I put as much effort into my coursework as I did hockey. And that alone has been a huge asset in my career. From balancing classes and hockey, which in itself is like a full-time job, I left BU with really strong organizational and time management skills, not to mention a degree I really cherish.”

Patrick MacGregor BU Hockey
MacGregor in action on the ice.

It doesn’t take much digging to determine how MacGregor earned his title as captain. During the team’s trips to New York City for the biannual Red Hot Hockey game against Cornell, MacGregor relished the time he spent teaching inner-city kids about ice hockey and skating as part of the team’s partnership with Ice Hockey In Harlem. Closer to campus, he enjoyed working with Athletes 4 Autism, an organization that provides mentorship to children with autism. The team supported the cause not only by wearing a blue puzzle piece on their jerseys but also by participating in the Autism Speaks Walk. Today, MacGregor is still involved with the California chapter of the organization.

A proud Terrier

The love for BU hockey that was instilled first by watching the team play as a child and then later on ice as co-captain is still a major part of MacGregor’s life today. Even though he lives in California, he religiously streams games online to keep up with the team and fondly remembers the impact BU donors had on him and the team. “BU hockey is just different than other programs. We had so many resources at our disposal,” he says. For all student-athletes at BU, the top-notch facilities and coaching personnel—which were some of the highlights for MacGregor—are essential to continuing the tradition of excellence the university is known for.

From playing for renowned head coach, Jack Parker, to being a member of the first team David Quinn put on the ice, MacGregor is proud of the history he was part of. Not only did his time on ice make him part of one of BU’s most beloved traditions, but it also generated an immense amount of institutional pride that he still carries with him to this day.

This blog post was written by Lauren Pyes (CGS’10, COM’12).