The Alumni App Is A Thing, And You Should Download It


In case you missed it, we have an alumni app and it’s more useful than you may think.

We know, downloading apps can be annoying, but this app is different. The BU Alumni App is the fastest and easiest way to network from anywhere in the world.

The app combines your LinkedIn profile and information you’ve shared with us into one super-duper tool.

Don’t believe us? Keep scrolling and see for yourself.

1. Find Professionals in Your Area…It’s Like a Hyper-local LinkedIn

Using map geolocation, and your business address, the app will show you alumni who work in your area. You never know, that director you’ve been trying to impress could be an alum. Hello, conversation starter!


2. Get Recommendations

LinkedIn can be a zoo of professional connections. It’s every virtual resume for itself. That’s where recommendations come in. The Alumni app will look at your class year and degree and recommend other Terriers to connect with, saving you the time and confusion of wondering if someone is worth reaching out to.


3. Access Your Alumni Card

Cause we’re trendy like that. You can now access your official alumni card on your mobile device. No laminated card needed! Unless of course, you want one, because nostalgia.


Hint: Showing your alumni card within the app at events can get you free stuff.

4. Find Terriers Wherever You Go

Moving to a new city? Connect with classmates living there. Got a new job? Use the app to find out which co-workers are alums. Going on vacation? Check out who’s working nearby. See a pattern here? Find alumni anywhere in the world – no matter where you are.


See? Totally worth downloading right?


This blog post was written by Dave McDonald, Digital Content Producer at Boston University.