Networking Across The Pond With Anne Nazemetz (Questrom ’08)

Networking Across The Pond With Anne Nazemetz Nazemetz (Questrom ’08)

Anne Nazemetz (Questrom ’08) works in Business Development at Avegen Health in London. She is also co-hosting a networking event on October 11 with her classmate, Maggie Moosbrugger (Questrom’07). We caught up with her to get some insight on what she thinks of networking in a digital age, and her motivation to host this highly anticipated alumni event.

1. Can you talk a little bit about the Terrier community that exists in London and how you’ve put the alumni network to work for you?

The Terrier community in London is not dissimilar from the community on campus – diverse, welcoming, and always up for a drink. I’ve done two career changes since I’ve been in London and it’s been great to have the BU network for advice and support. A few of the Kleh Lectures have been healthcare-related, which allowed me to meet people in a sector I was interested in and eventually moved into.

2. In the era of LinkedIn, why do you think it’s important to attend in-person networking opportunities?

LinkedIn has a lot of great features, but it can’t replace the rapport you can build by having an in-person conversation. Also, with in-person events, you never know who you can run into. Although LinkedIn does a great job of recommending people in your sector or company, I’ve often found it’s those people who you might not have looked out for who can add a lot of value (and sometimes are much more interesting!).

3. Can you talk about a critical career move that was made possible through networking?

About 4 years ago, I was attending a conference, where I ran into a fellow business school alum while getting coffee. We started chatting, and I learned he was working at a pharma company and needed help with a sales strategy for a new product (I had previously worked in sales). I did a 6-month contract with his team to launch the product. Fast-forward 4 years later, and we’re now business partners in our own digital health company!

4. Let’s say you’re on an elevator with an executive and you have 10 floors to make an impression. Give us your 30-second elevator pitch!

If an executive were trapped in a lift with me, I’d probably spend more time asking questions and listening than talking. But here’s a quick pitch of what my company, Avegen Health, does:

We’re in the business of helping healthcare companies implement digital solutions that can increase patient adherence to medication and treatment, improve identification and reporting of side effects, and make support programs scalable and sustainable. We work with pharmaceutical companies, NGOs, and hospitals in Europe, the US, and India. We have a multidisciplinary team of ex-medics, technologists, designers, researchers, and business thinkers.

5. Why should other London-area young, mid-level and experienced professionals come out on October 11th?

The event on the 11th is a great opportunity to meet other UK-based Terriers from a range of backgrounds and experiences. There’s none of the pressure of office or conference networking events – just come for a fun, casual evening and a drink or two!

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More about Anne:

Since graduation in 2008, Anne has hit the ground running working at several Fortune 500 companies including Goldman Sachs, Johnson and Johnson, and Amazon. She is now working to make a positive difference in healthcare – for patients and health systems – through people-centred, design-led innovation. Learn more on her Linkedin page.