Dancing in the Dark: What to Bring to Your Solar Eclipse Party

In case you missed it, there’s a total solar eclipse happening on August 21. This is the first one to be visible in North America’s 48 lower states in over 38 years, meaning… this is a big deal. While Boston will only experience a partial eclipse, cities in the path of totality, like Nashville, are about to get dark…very dark. Whether you’ll be experiencing full darkness or a mid-afternoon evening.

We checked in with the experts (BU’s Astronomy Department, of course) to see what it takes to experience this monumental event in style.

Here’s what to bring your solar eclipse party

Safe Solar Eclipse Glasses

Sorry, but your hipster glasses won’t work for this one (unless of course, you want your retinas burned). If you’re adamant about not heeding your parent’s advice to never looking directly at the sun, you’ll need extra UV protection. We’d recommend purchasing a pair of safe solar eclipse glasses.


Pin-hole camera

Impress your friends with your MacGyver-like skills using a shoebox, piece of tinfoil, and tape. You don’t even need to buy a pair of special glasses to experience the eclipse—make a pin-hole camera! They are fairly easy to make and allow you to view this spectacle from start to finish safely. Check out this step-by-step guide. Science!


A sweet eclipse themed playlist

How often does it go pitch black in the middle of the day? Unless you live in northern Alaska, the answer is never. For many of us, this is going to be a once in a lifetime experience. So you’ll need a stellar playlist to enhance the moment. We found this mix on Spotify to get you started.

“Black hole sun, won’t you come…”

Set-up a group photo gallery

Everyone at your party is going be snapping pictures like crazy. Make sure you don’t miss a single photo. Set up a Flickr group gallery, or photo stream to be sure you can grab the best shot. After all, you’re going to want an action post for your Instagram, duh! Remember, the eclipse will happen quickly, and you don’t want to miss it. Here’s a great guide on how to safely snap a photo of the action.

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Now get out there and dance your way through the dark day. It’ll be like nothing you’ve ever experienced. Save the date now for April 8, 2024, for the next total solar eclipse for the majority of BU alumni.

This blog post was written by Dave McDonald, Digital Content Producer at Boston University.