Five Bostonia stories you won’t want to miss

we wanted to point you to these five not-to-miss stories for your summer reading list

Summer 2017 is in full force (finally). For most of us, that means taking a breather from a busy spring. However, for Boston University, summer serves as an opportunity to reflect on our many accomplishments, learn from a year’s worth of research, and look ahead to another year of excellence.

The latest edition of Bostonia is out, and we wanted to point you to these five not-to-miss stories for your summer reading list.

1. Adam Finkelstein (COM’09) makes movie trailers that hook millions

For Adam Finkelstein (COM’09), the most interesting part of movies is the trailers. Finkelstein is an editor and a producer at the movie-trailer production studio Trailer Park, in Los Angeles. His portfolio includes trailers for movies like Wonder Women, Mad Max: Fury Road, and Stranger Things. Needless to say, Adam is going places. — Check out the full story on Bostonia.

2. Bad Medicine

Fake and substandard drugs endanger hundreds of thousands of people around the globe.  Muhammad Zaman, a College of Engineering professor of biomedical engineering and a Howard Hughes Medical Institute Professor, has known about the problem nearly all his life. As a child in Pakistan, he would travel all the way across town to a pharmacy where the drugs were thought to be safer than those sold closer to his home. Zaman has developed an inexpensive, easy-to-use, and portable device for testing the quality of drugs anywhere in the world.

3. How Athletics and Alumni raised $1 million

Terrier pride runs deep within our alums’ blood, so it’s no surprise that Boston University’s Athletics department scored more than $1 million with the support of generous alumni and friends in the final hours of #BUGivingDay. – Get the instant replay of a VIP year.

4. Commonwealth Ave Sets the Stage

The College of Fine arts will soon have a brand new theater, thanks largely to a $10 million gift from trustee Steve Zide (LAW’86). The newly named Joan and Edgar Booth Theatre is rising on Comm. Ave, putting CFA in the spotlight like it’s never been before. – Get the details.

5. Last Call for BU Pub–for Now

The BU pub is getting a facelift, set to reopen in 2018 alongside the transformation of the BU Castle into the Dahod Family Alumni Center. The Pub’s crowdfunding effort raised more than $20,000 in May, more than double its original goal. Depending on the size of their gift, the 240 donors were rewarded with Pub memorabilia including pint glasses, coasters, and even original Pub chairs—as well as entry into drawings to have a beer flight or a sandwich named after them. We’re looking forward to many good cheers ahead.

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