Alumni Starter Kit | Part 4: Getting Involved


Raise your hand if the following applies to you…

Have you screamed “Go Terriers!” when you spot someone on the street with a BU t-shirt on?

Do you consider the acronym “B.C.” one the most offensive…ever?

Does the movie, “Gone with the Wind” have a special meaning to you?

During undergrad were you superstitious about black cats, open umbrellas indoors, or stepping on a certain seal?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you are a proud Boston University Terrier. And while you may have already booked your travel for Alumni Weekend, decked out your work desk with BU swag, and followed us on all of our social channels. There are other ways you can show their BU pride, and it starts by getting involved.


1. Pave a path of success for future Terriers – Give Back

As many experienced, any support received by BU went a long way in helping to pay for college. Now as an alum, you can pay it forward and help future Terriers get the support they need. — We know what you’re thinking, “I literally just graduated two months ago, and you already want me to donate.” No worries, we totally understand. Give back when you’re ready. However, if you can spare 5 bucks, there are many fun rewards that come with making a gift. Those that start their giving streak within their year of graduation can earn perks like discounts and early access to events, opportunities to get your name in lights, and snazzy donor swag.

Fun Fact: Give to any cause at BU by June 30, and your gift will earn matching funds for student scholarships.

2. Step up your social media game, join Rhett’s Ralliers

Are you a Social Media Pro? Do you live across the country (or globe) and can’t easily make it to Boston to volunteer? We’ve got you covered. As a social ambassador, you’ll become an online advocate for BU. Ralliers are tasked with helping us get the word out about important campaigns and events, like Boston’s Beanpot Tournament and BU Giving Day. Ambassadors get cool perks too. Connect with hundreds of Terriers across the globe, earn points, and win prizes. It’s easy and super fun!


3. Volunteer during Global Days of Service (GDS)

Community service is so important to us that we dedicated a whole month to it! Join a Global Days of Service (GDS) initiative next April to make your impact. All you need is your Terrier pride (we’ll supply the T-shirts!).

Check out our impact from #GDS2017.

4. Stay in the loop by finding alumni near you

Terriers are everywhere. Check out this map to find a network in your area.

Pro tip: Your city might have its own Facebook group (like Chicago and New York) so be sure to join once you find your network on the map.

Whoa! You just took your Terrier pride to the next level. We think you might need to slow your roll. Actually, keep on Barking. Get? Because we’re Terriers. ;-)