Four Shareworthy Tidbits about Alumni Participation


It’s as reliable as clockwork. You apply to college, get in, get your degree, then a year or so after graduation, you get your first invitation to give back. It’s never a surprise, but when you’re in the process of repaying for college, buying a house, or starting a family, the idea of giving can feel a bit overwhelming. We get it. Life after college doesn’t slow down, it only gets faster. However, you don’t have to give a huge lump sum of cash to have a big impact. Here are four little tidbits that might change your mind about giving.

1. College Rankings

Yup, that’s right. College ranking publications like U.S. News and World Report factor in overall Alumni Participation (that’s the percent of alumni who give to their alma mater) when they determine university rankings. Which means, even if you’re only giving 5 to 10 bucks, you’re making an impact.

2. Matching Gifts

In any given year it’s not uncommon for one or more donors to make a “challenge” pledge and offer to match gifts for a short period of time. Be on the lookout for these campaigns in your mailboxes, inboxes, and on social media. These are easy ways to double your impact on a college fund you care about.

Psst…Give to any cause at BU by June 30, and your gift will earn matching funds for student scholarships. Make your gift to scholarships, a BU school or college, or your favorite program at BU today, to support current and future Terriers on their paths to success!

3. Networking Opportunities

Whether you’re giving your time or money, giving back can open up opportunities to mix and mingle with other alumni making a difference in their perspective fields of expertise. Whether it’s hosting a networking event in your area or joining a loyalty society to gain access to exclusive events, your next gift could also be your next big break.

4. Volunteering and the gift of time

Without the support of alumni volunteers many of our annual events, happy hours, and networking opportunities wouldn’t be possible. By offering your time, you’re helping to keep the BU legacy thriving long after graduation. When you offer to host an event, volunteer your expertise on a panel, or support us on campus you have the opportunity to make an impact in real time, and there’s no better feeling.

See? Even by giving a little you can still have a huge impact on the future of BU. Now get out there and make us proud. #ProudtoBU.