Alumni Starter Kit | Part 3: Events


Two terriers are better than one, and five terriers are better than two. Now that you’ve cashed in on some alumni benefits, and polished up your career skills, it’s time to stack your social calendar.

We prefer our alumni to travel in packs, which is why no matter where you live, or what your interests are, we have an event to gather, reconnect, and network. It could be a happy hour in Austin, Texas, an online networking event for New Yorkers, or seeing Yo-Yo Ma at our 41st Tanglewood event, there’s always something happening in your backyard.

Did you know we have a whole team that focuses on bringing BU to you? Here’s a quick preview…

1. The Events Calendar…Your 411 on all things BU

If you can think of it, we’ve got it. Happy hours? Check. Networking events? Check. Tickets to BU hockey games? Let’s go Terriers! – We host an assortment of events that appeal to all ages, degree types, and interests. Take a look at our calendar, and register today. – It’s just going to be a few cool Terriers and you better be one of them.

Psst…Red Hot Hockey pre-sale tickets are available June 21 at 12 pm.


2. BU in your Backyard #BUIYB

Log-off of Expedia, and ex-out your Travelocity browser windows. There’s no need purchase travel to Boston to enjoy our events. We’ll bring Commonwealth Ave. to your backyard with exclusive alumni events right in your inbox. Terriers living in California, New England, Washington D.C., New York, or Asia receive a monthly email with all the happenings near you.

3. Alumni Weekend

The ultimate throwback. Once a year we put up the bat-signal (or paw-signal) calling all terriers back to campus for a weekend full of Terrier pride. View recent grad event listing and plan your itinerary today.

Pro Tip: Be sure to check out the Recent Grad Pub Crawl on Sept. 15!


4. Get Invited. Update your contact information.

Don’t be that terrier that’s living under a rock. Stay up-to-date on what’s happening near you by making sure we’ve got the right contact information. Are you getting our emails, but somethings not right or misspelled? Our bad. Call us out on it, here.

5. Get in on our best-kept secret. Follow BU_Alumni on Snapchat.

Launched this past May, the BU_Alumni Snapchat was created to give Terriers a sneak peek into our events happening across the globe. Whether it’s our Latin American Alumni Summit, Commencement weekend, or Alumni Weekend, check out our Snapchat story to see what’s happening. Also, be on the lookout in the coming months for exclusive contests and giveaways (check out one of the recent winning prizes), and Alumni takeovers. – Want to volunteer as tribute? Email us!

Who knew you were such a hip socialite? See you at our next event!