Alumni Starter Kit | Part 1: Benefits


Graduate? Check. Find yourself. Check. Step on the seal? Double check.

Nailed it! You graduated! While you bask in the afterglow of your accomplishments and look forward to what’s next, many newly minted college alums may be confused as to their current status with BU. What does my new status as an alum mean? Will this relationship only flourish if I give? Is BU just done with me, and onto the next?

These are all valid questions, and before you switch your status with us to “It’s complicated” just know that we’re here to help. BU would be nothing without its network of Terriers around the globe. So that’s why we offer an array of great benefits to all of our alums. Here are few you might not know about…

1. Travel

Taking a weekend trip, but don’t have a car? We get it. You used to be a Boston urbanite! Who needs a car? Did you know you can save $150 on Zipcar membership just for being a BU Alum? No? Well, you do now. Sign up and enjoy. — If you’re looking to travel on a larger scale, we can help you satisfy that itch too. Sign up for a Traveling Terriers Trip, and take your terrier pride across the globe. — Oh, and in case you’re moving to an area where cars are necessary. We can help keep those car insurance payments low too.


2. Staying local or visiting Boston for the weekend? We’ve got you covered.

After you’ve moved from the residence halls to your new pad in Boston. You’ll need two things, a gym membership to get you swimsuit ready (#GOALS!) and a stacked social calendar! We can help. Terriers can stay active at FitRec while saving 40% on a membership. Did you also know alums get half off men’s hockey tickets at Aggains? Yup, put on your scarlet and white! Go Terriers! — For those visiting Boston, you can get special rates and discounts on local hotels, and parking.

Pro tip: Did you know Hotel Commonwealth has a Terrier themed room?

3. Still learning?

Look at you being studious. Keep your mind sharp with a free online course, learn a new skill by watching one of our webinars-on-demand, or develop a new skill by taking an audited class.


4. Step up your networking game. Download the Alumni App.

The alumni app is a powerful tool putting all of BU’s alums at your fingertips. View a map of the Terriers near you. Find professionals in your network, and get the latest news from the alumni association. Did we mention it’s free?


And you thought your time as Terrier was over after graduation. You’re so silly. We’ll always love you. Enjoy!