Summer Survey Finds

While the AB aims to subsidize student groups, we also work to support groups in their efforts to be self-sufficient.  Over the summer of 2013, the AB contacted students groups to get an idea of how groups utilized outside sources of funding. We’d like to thank all of the student groups that responded to our survey! From our data, we found two things that successful groups utilized to obtain additional sources of funding for events.


  • Check relevant academic and student departments. Or those with which you already have an academic connection.
  • 87% of groups that requested funding received some or full funding from university departments!
  • Did you know your College Governments have funds to put on great events throughout the year? They might even be able to help your student group out with an event, so get in touch with them.
  • Not sure if a Department has funds for student group use? Ask! It’s a great way to make new contacts.

Reach Out

  • If your club has had a presence on campus for a while, you probably have a great alumni base that would like to see your group succeed! They may be a great resource for events your group aims to put on.
  • Many local businesses love supporting the student community, so don’t be shy in reaching out to area businesses! Local businesses also need to advertise and what better way to advertise than through your group’s events.
  • Build connections with speakers that your group hosts.

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