Current Members


Name: Shree Chudasama
Class, Year & Major: CAS ’14; International Relations 
Hometown: Nashville, TN
Fun Fact: “I’m not a fan of country music… at all, but still love the South!”


Name: Rohan Vaswami
Class, Year & Major: CAS ’15; Applied Math
Hometown: Nashua, NH
Fun Fact: “The inner machinations of my mind are an enigma!” 


Name: Steve Xiarhos
Class, Year & Major: SMG’15; Finance & Accounting
Hometown: Needham, MA
Fun Fact: “I’m not an ambi-turner.”


Name: Adam Wolberg
Class, Year & Major: CAS ’15; Biochemistry
Hometown: Baltimore, MD
Fun Fact: “If you get rid of my first name I’m Marc Wolberg.”


Name: Harshel Aggarwal

Class, Year & Major: SMG ’15, Accounting and Business Law
Hometown: Brooklyn, NY
Fun Fact: “Kids tried to bite me in kindergarden because they thought I was made out of chocolate.”
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Name: Asees Binepal

Class, Year & Major: SMG ’16, Finance and Operations Technology Management

Hometown: Saddle River, NJ

Fun Facts: “Adele brings out the soft side in me”





Name: Adam Duda
Class, Year & Major: ENG ’15; Computer Engineering
Hometown: Mill Creek, IN
Fun Fact: “I am a first generation scholar.”

Name: Jake Ferry
Class, Year & Major: CAS ’14; Psychology and Philosophy
Hometown: West Tisbury, MA
Fun Fact: “I play frisbee golf.”


Name: Arjun Kapoor
Class, Year & Major: SMG ’15; Finance
Hometown: Somerset, NJ
Fun Fact: “I was born amidst ‘The Storm of the Century.’”



Name: Brad Kutler a.k.a. Boo Radley
Class, Year & Major: CAS ’15; Literature
Hometown: Omaha, NE

Fun Fact: “I read good.”

grace lee

Name: Grace Lee

Class, Year & Major: SMG ’15;

Hometown: Ilsan, South Korea

Fun Fact: “I used to row on a crew team before coming to BU.”


Name: Vlad Solomon
Class, Year & Major: CAS’14; Political Science
Hometown: Plainsboro, NJ

Fun Fact: “I can move each eyebrow separately.”

Name: Gurvir Dhaliwal
Class, Year & Major: SMG’16; Finance
Hometown: Warren, NJ
Fun Fact: “I just ate the best cookie I have ever had.”


Name: Saad Ishtiaq
Class, Year & Major: CAS’14; Psychology
Hometown: Panama
Fun Fact: “Born and raised in Panama, but my parents are Pakistani.”
Name: Ethan “The Muffin Man” Meyers
Class, Year & Major: SMG; Undeclared
Hometown: Mahwah, New Jersey
Fun Fact: “I actually live on Drury Lane”

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