AB membership is open to all full-time BU undergraduates.  There is no start or end date for students to express interest.

All AB meetings are open to students.  If you wonder how we allocate funding, you are welcome to stop by and observe a meeting.

Based on the breadth and depth of requests we receive, we look for interested and qualified students from across the university.  Members have the opportunity to gain experience in finance, budgeting, web design, public relations. . . the options are endless.  Programming experience (as in planning and executing on- or off-campus programs) is a plus.

Interested in becoming an AB member?

Step 1. Attend one of our meetings. We hold weekly Monday night meetings. In the spring 2018 semester, AB will meet every Monday in room CAS 132 at 8 p.m. Don’t be afraid to ask questions and express different opinions at our meetings. We love to hear what we can do differently!

***If you cannot attend one of our meetings, you can stop by one of our member’s office hours. You can find our office hours by clicking the link on our home page. You can also email us at indicating that your interested in joining.

Step 2. If you like what we do, we ask that you attend three meetings and one of our executive board’s office hours.

Step 3. Look over our Handbook, this website, and any other relevant AB related material you may find here or on Org Sync to get a better understanding of how we operate.

Step 4. After your third meeting, we will request that you send us a resume, and fill out a new member questionnaire (we will send this to you!). The questionnaire allows us to better understand your thought process when making funding decisions and also acts as a gauge of how well you know AB’s policies.

Step 5. You can interview anytime after your fourth meeting. This means you can interview at the end of your fourth meeting or wait until your 5th or 6th meeting if you don’t feel prepared yet for the interview. Your resume and questionnaire must be submitted by the time of your interview. This is the most intimidating part of the process but don’t worry! We want you to do well and join the board!

For more information about the membership process, check out the documents below!

Allocations Board Membership Process

Responsibilities Acknowledgement and Non-Disclosure Agreement (RANDA) – Members to the AB are made privy to confidential financial information, all are held to this non-disclosure agreement to protect student group financial information.

Last Updated: September 22, 2017

AB Handbook

    AB Handbook
    Policies, procedures, and more!

    Annual Report 2016-2017


    AB Facebook Page