Policy Updates

A Few Important Updates and Reminders:

  • Rolling Audit –  Important Funds Transfer Information! In order to use as much of the Undergraduate Student Fee as possible, AB audits events two weeks after the event date, meaning we take back any money that we have allocated but is not signed off 2 weeks after the last date of the event as submitted in the request. Make sure all of your paperwork is turned in early so AB can sign off on the money you were allocated. If the date changes or you need more time to fill out the paperwork, please let us know. Otherwise you will not have access to those funds!


  • Travel Policy – Per Person Allocations. AB will now look at the costs of travel requests on a per person basis. If you plan for 30 people to go to an event, but only 29 go, AB will sign off on the funds for 29 people. If you have more people that want to attend, your group may appeal to the AB. Remember: travel events are funded on a first-come, first-serve basis! When it runs out, that’s it, so get your requests in ASAP.


  • No more using the Database! No more filling out a lengthy comment section and having it deleted! Whilst the AB Database undergoes some much needed reconstruction, groups will be using contact forms to submit Regular and/or Travel requests, which can be found under the “Funding” tab above.
  • Charitable Donations Guidelines can be found in full here.

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