Policy Updates

  • We no longer have an appeals process. Instead, you can submit a Special Initiative Request! These requests are for events that were not foreseeable at the start of the semester. The process of submitting a Special Initiative Request is the same as a Semester Budget Request, except we ask that your organization also explains in the request form how the opportunity for the event arose and why it could not have been anticipated at the beginning of the semester.
  • Note: Student groups can only receive funding for two Special Initiative Requests per year.
  • Rolling Audit — Important Funds Transfer Information! In order to use as much of the Community Service Fee as possible, AB audits events two weeks after the event date, meaning we take back any money that we have allocated but is not used after the two week deadline.
  • Travel Policy Update! As of Summer 2016, AB no longer funds transportation of any kind. Please do not request AB funds for transportation because we can no longer allocate funds for those requests.
  • Account Balance Consideration: As of 9/1/16, AB will take into consideration a group’s account balances and past year funding allocations (E.g. Costumes, props, etc.) when reviewing funding requests.
  • Charitable Donations Guidelines can be found in full here.

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