How to Ask for Funding

Step 1.  Consider what you would like to do.  It doesn’t have to be what you’ve done in the past; feel free to innovate and go big!  You can submit as many requests as you like but, in order to spread the Community Service Fee to as many groups as possible, we can only guarantee to review three event requests per semester and only two Special Initiative Requests are eligible for funding.

Step 2.  When you have an idea (film screening, speaker, creative fundraiser, concert, play, musical,……..), start to consider the costs.  This is where the ACs and programmers at SAO can be incredibly helpful.  They’ll be able to tell you which costs you’ll need to anticipate (from rights to security).  They can’t tell you exactly what SPS, FM&P, catering etc. will quote you, but they can ballpark the numbers based on similar events they may have seen before. Utilize Bryan, Abby and the great ACs!

Step 3.  Once you have an outline of what costs you’ll need to cover, you’ll want to figure out how much you’ll need to come up with.  Again, this is where SAO can steer you towards the right departments or vendors.  You might reach out to potential speakers to find out how much they would charge you, or look up movie rights on a production company’s site, or you might look up whatever thing you want to buy online.  However you do it, fill out the cost breakdown box in the budget request form on Org Sync with the appropriate amount.  With regard to FM&P, SPS, BUPD, etc., you are not expected to get the actual quote from them before submitting a request at this point, however, you should be requesting a reasonable amount based on event and venue – seek SAO’s help if you don’t have past years’ costs to rely on.

Step 4. After gathering as much information as you can about the event and the associated expenses, fill out the Semester Budget Request Form on Org sync. You can find this form by first logging into BU’s Org sync page and navigating to your group’s portal. Once here, click the “Files” tab and next click the “Allocations Board Info, Request Form, SUSIBU info” folder. Finally, download the Allocations Board Funding Request Form PDF. Provide as much detail as you can about the event, the costs, and why your group needs AB funding. Please see the AB’s Handbook for more information about providing a good Semester Budget Request.

***Keep in mind you cannot hold an on-campus event before the first day of classes or after the last.  If you are planning on using a large on-campus venue like Metcalf, it is in your best interest to speak to reservations ASAP. Try to avoid using TBD as your location.

***Important things to include in your Semester Budget Request are:

  • if the event has happened before
  • how successful it was
  • what you’re doing differently
  • why you want to have so-and-so come and how awesome they are
  • how awesome your group is
  • if you’re seeking other financial help, if it’s a collaborative effort (with who and how are the costs split)
  • why you think it should happen on BU’s campus OR why it is happening off-campus
  • what you think the event will bring to the BU community
  • anything else you’d like to share
  • feel free to email us any supplemental info as well

Step 6.  Submit the event!

Important point: There is NO cap on how much money an event, or a group, can receive.  There is also no percent or algorithm that determines how much you will receive based on submitted costs. Tell us all about your event and all about every cost associated with it (even those you’ll be footing the bill for, or departments/groups/sponsors are covering) and we will do our best to get you what we can with respect to our budget.

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