AB allocates funds on a semester basis. At the end of each semester, we hold a budget hearing where we review all of the semester budget requests submitted, and determine our allocations. AB members will email student organizations informing them of the deadlines to submit budget requests. During these hearings, we allocate all of our funds for the following semester. After we make our decisions, you will be able to see our funding decision on Org Sync. If you are not happy with our decision, please reach out to us via email or stop by one of our fall office hours. We no longer have an appeals process. But there are other ways that we can help you get more funding whether that is utilizing our Special Initiative Program or speaking with Dean Battaglino.

***Every year we deny many funding requests because the item/event is ineligible for AB funding. It is very important that you look at our policies before creating a semester budget request so that you don’t request for something that is ineligible. Also, please provide as much detail as you can in the budget request. Writing a thorough budget request makes the difference between receiving funding and being denied. Thanks!

Key Funding Facts

Only Beacon and Commonwealth groups can request AB funds. Bay State groups each receive $100 every year that can be used in any way that group wants.

Groups will only be awarded funds if they are in good financial standing.

AB now has a Special Initiative Program where student groups can request funds during the academic year for events that were unforeseen. You must explain in your request why this event could not have been anticipated.

Provide as much detail as possible in your semester budget requests. If you are requesting funds for food, you must explicitly state why the food is culturally significant or unique and how you will educate attendees at your event of the significance of your food.

AB will not publicly post all funding decisions for everyone to view as our decisions are also affected by need-based, involving student groups’ treasuries.

AB will take into consideration a group’s account balances and past year funding allocations (E.g. Costumes, props, etc.) when reviewing funding requests.

AB no longer funds travel of any kind.

Student groups must finalize payments no more than two weeks after the event occurred. Otherwise, AB reserves the right to freeze the group’s account and your group may become ineligible for AB funding in the future.

Under the funding tab, you will find more information about the funding process and how to request funds. Please take a moment to look at these resources and to review our Handbook before creating a semester budget request.

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