Below you will find the minutes of our funding decisions and Town Hall meetings from Fall 2010 to Spring 2015.


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Spring 2015

April 27th

April 22nd

April 6th

April 6th

March 30th

March 23rd

March 16th

March 2nd

February 23rd

February 17th

February 17th

February 11th

February 5th

January 28th


Fall 2014

December 8th

December 1st

November 24th

November 17th

November 11th
Detailed Minutes 12:1
November 3rd

October 27th

October 20th

October 14th

October 6th

September 29nd

September 22nd

September 15th

September 8th


Summer 2014







Spring Semester 2014

April 28th

April 24th

April 14th

April 7th

March 31st

March 24th

March 17th

March 3rd

February 24th

February 19th

February 10th

February 3rd

January 27th


Fall Semester 2013

December 9th

December 3rd

November 25th

November 18th

November 11th

November 4th

October 28th

October 22th

October 15th

October 7th

September 30th

September 23rd

September 16th

September 9th


Summer 2013

August 6th

July 2nd

June 3rd


Spring Semester 2013

April 29th

April 18th

April 8th

April 1st

March 25th

March 18th

March 6th Town Hall Meeting

Town Hall Meeting Minutes
Allocations Board Statement

March 4th

February 25th

February 20th

February 11th

February 4th

January 28th


Fall Semester 2012

December 10th

December 3rd

November 26th

November 19th

November 12th

November 5th

October 30th

October 22nd

October 15th

October 9th

October 1st

September 24th

September 17th

September 10th


Spring Semester 2012

April 30th

April 24th

April 9th

April 2nd

March 26th

March 19th

March 5th

February 27th

February 21st

February 13th

February 6th

January 30th

January 23rd


Fall Semester 2011

December 12th

December 5th

November 28th

November 21st

November 14th

November 7th

October 31st

October 24th

October 3rd

September 19th


Spring Semester 2011

January 24th

January 31st

February 7th

February 14th

February 22nd

February 28th

March 7th

March 21st

March 28th

April 4th

April 11th


Fall Semester 2010

October 4th

October 18th

October 25th

November 15th

November 22nd

Funding Weekend for Spring 2011

November 29th

December 6th

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