The Wicked Funding Deadline is Dead!


Hi Student Leaders!

There is no more funding deadline! From now on, funding requests will be rolling. There will be workshops next week for groups planning requests at the beginning of next semester (September-October). Read below for details.

In addition to reviewing $2.2 million in programming (so far), the Allocations Board has spent the year working to further streamline our funding process. We’ve set ourselves apart from funding organizations at other universities by aligning the funding process more closely with the planning process. There is no longer a funding deadline!

We realize the deadline rushed group planning and often occurred before new e-boards were elected. To eliminate those problems, we’ve eliminated the deadline. Beginning with events in September 2011, the Allocations Board will be accepting all requests on a rolling basis. In collaboration with SAO, we have established some initial guidelines for rolling out this rolling system. We will accept funding requests roughly two months in advance of the event date. Funding requests for September/October events can be submitted starting on April 1.

We will be holding Funding Workshops the week of March 28 in CAS 316 at 7 pm. You are encouraged to attend if you are thinking about having an event in September or early October – or if you have questions and want to learn more about the switch to rolling. Attendance by at least one e-board member at one workshop is required for funding eligibility. Another round of workshops will be held in September, for groups with events in late October to January. If you attend in March, you do not have to attend in September, though it may benefit a new e-board. We want to make sure that the e-boards who will be doing the event planning are able to attend a workshop. We will go over the specific logistics of this rolling system at both sets of workshops. As always, we encourage you all to run your program ideas and questions by an SAO Activities Consultant or programmer.

Best of luck with classes and events the rest of the semester!


Chair, Allocations Board

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