3-D Printer Fabrication

rep rap

Saturdays at 3PM (generally, check the events page for our up to date calendar) our members will be in the Imagineering Lab (44 Cummington st.) working on building a rep-rap 3-D printer. Once we’re done, we’ll use it to get data to back up our next microgravity proposal. Come and learn about printers and get some machine shop experience!





PREVIOUS PROJECTSMicroGravityUniversity

NASA Microgravity University

In 2011, BU AIAA submitted an entry for the NASA Microgravity University program. The program allows students to write an experiment to be flown on NASA’s parabolic flight plane. If selected, a small team of students goes to NASA’s Johnson Space Center to perform the experiment in simulated microgravity. Although we were not selected, we are continuing to work on the project to improve our entry in the following years.

Our project involved looking at the effect of capillary action in the nozzles of 3-D printers.

Undergraduate Team Space Transportation Design Competition: Design and Business Plan for a Commercial Earth-to-Orbit (ETO) Passenger Vehicle

Undergraduate Team Space Design Competition: Conceptual Design and Architecture for a Deep Space Habitation Module

Undergraduate Team Aircraft Design Competition: Humanitarian Response Unmanned Aircraft System (HR-UAS)