Honors in History of Art & Architecture offers exceptional concentrators the opportunity to further enrich their program of study. Graduation with honors in History of Art & Architecture requires at least 8 credits of specially designated honors coursework and an average grade of A- in History of Art & Architecture courses. Honors students take a graduate level seminar (500-level or above) by the end of the first semester of their Senior year, followed by a Directed Study with the Professor in whose field he/she would work. This course will result in an honors project on an original research topic written according to scholarly standards of presentation. The honors project will be defended in an oral examination before a faculty committee. All other requirements of the major remain the same, including the 400- or 500- level seminar requirement. Hence, honors students take at least two seminars. More information can be found within this .pdf document, and by contacting:

Professor S. Rebecca Martin
Director of Undergraduate Studies
725 Commonwealth Ave, Rm 215C
Boston, Massachusetts 02215
Telephone: (617) 353-8393
E-mail: srmartin@bu.edu