Spring 2014 Courses

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Introduction to Art History II: Renaissance to Today Zell/Ribner
CAS AH112 TR 11:00-12:30 course site
Major monuments and artists. Sequential development, from the Renaissance to the modern period, of major styles in architecture, sculpture, painting, graphic arts, and photography. Relationship of visual art to social and cultural trends.
Architecture: An Introduction Scrivano
CAS AH205 MWF 11:00-12:00 course site
Examination of the factors involved in architectural design including program, spatial composition, structure, technology, iconography, and the role of architecture in society. Discussion of major monuments of Western architecture and urbanism from ancient Egypt to the twenty-first century.

Arts of Africa

CAS AH215 TR 9:30-11:00 course site
Exploration of key themes in royal art and architecture from western central, eastern, and southern Africa. Topics include state cosmology, dynastic history, palace architecture, royal regalia and ceremonies, court women, and the importance of art in diplomacy and war.
Islamic Art
CAS AH220 TR 12:30-2:00 course site
Examines key monuments of Islamic art and architecture within their historical and cultural context, and emphasizes the diversity within the visual cultures of the Islamic world. Carries humanities divisional credit in CAS.

The Arts of Asia

CAS AH225 MWF 10:00-11:00 course site
Surveys of the major artistic traditions of Asia. Important monuments are examined analytically in order to explain why certain forms and styles are characteristic of specific times and places, and how these monuments functioned in their cultural contexts.

Archaeology of Ancient Egypt

CAS AH232 TR 12:30-2:00
The technology, economy, social life, political organization, religions, art, and architecture of Egypt from predynastic times through the Hellenistic period, based on archaeological and historical sources. Emphasis on the period of the pharaohs (ca. 3200-323 B.C.)
Medieval Art
CAS AH240 MWF 11:00-12:00 course site
European art and architecture from the Fall of Rome through High Gothic. Covers media including sculpture, textiles, stained glass, and precious metalwork. Monuments treated are Rome’s great churches, the Book of Kells, the Bayeux Tapestry, and Chartres and Rheims cathedrals.
Latin American Art Since Contact

CAS AH242 MWF 1:00-2:00 course site
Course surveys Latin American art from the colonial period to present and relates it to imperial, state, institutional, and private agendas. Course interrogates both notions of “art” within colonial / neo-colonial contexts and changing roles of artists over past half-millennia. AH242 can be used to fulfill requirements for the Latin American Studies major and minor.

Arts in America

CAS AH284 TR 12:30-2:00 course site
Survey of American painting, architecture, sculpture, prints, and photography from the early settlement in 1630 to the present.

History of Photography

CAS AH295 TR 11:00-12:30 course site
An introduction to the study of photographs. The history of the medium in Europe and America from its invention in 1839 to the present. After lectures on photographic theory and methodology, photographs are studied both as art objects and as historical artifacts.
Arts of Japan

CAS AH326 TR 9:30-11:00 course site
The arts of Japan, from prehistory to the twentieth century. Lectures intend to cover a broad range of media (painting, sculpture, ceramics, prints) and building types (temples, palaces, castles, teahouses). Special attention will be paid to major projects and sites that integrated multiple art forms.
Northern Renaissance Painting
CAS AH359 MWF 9:00-10:00 course site
Innovations in painting and sculpture of Germany and the Low Countries between 1400-1600; special emphasis on realism, enlivenment, the rise of new pictorial genres and cultural exchanges between Europe, Asia and Africa.

The Grand Tour

CAS AH368 TR 3:30-5:00 course site
The culminating educational experience for the elite of Enlightenment Europe took the form of an extended trip to Italy, “The Grand Tour.” This course recreates the itinerary of the Tour and analyzes its impact on art, architecture, collecting, and connoisseurship.

Nineteenth-Century Architecture in Europe and America

CAS AH382 TR 2:00-3:30 course site
Survey of European and American architecture from 1750 to 1910. Explores issues in architecture, landscape architecture and city planning, and examines style, technology, and architectural theory.

Twentieth-Century Art from 1940 to 1980

CAS AH392 MWF 10:00-11:00 course site
Explores major currents in European and American art between 1940 and 1980. Examines the following movements and media in relation to key issues in postwar culture, politics and art criticism: Abstract Expressionism, Pop art, Minimalism, Conceptual art, Earthworks, body art, performance and video.

The Alliance of Art and Power in the Baroque

CAS AH462 Wed 1:00-4:00 course site
This seminar explores the relationship between visual culture and political authority in seventeenth-century Europe, an age dominated by absolutist kings, Counter-Reformation zeal, and colonial expansion. It also investigates the links between power and representation through a consideration of the global dimensions of art produced and exchanged in this era of intensive cross-cultural encounter.

The Photographic Book

CAS AH494 Thu 3:00-6:00 course site
This seminar will examine the photographic book throughout the years from 1839 to the present. We will concentrate on the book as a unique form for the medium, and study image/text relationships, narrative structures, cultural constructions of the book’s message, the serial quality of grouped images, and the differences and similarities between literary and photographic languages. Photographic books can be roughly divided into three categories: photographic albums of original photographs; books created by a photographer or larger agency with a social agenda; and artists’ photographic books. We will study all three.

Art and Society: Images and Power Relations in Latin America

CAS AH527 A1 Fri 9:00-12:00 course site
This seminar studies the role images have played in Latin American power relations since the conquest. Through select case studies, it interrogates the power of images in constituting as well as challenging colonial, gender, racial, national, and modern identities.  AH527 can be used to fulfill requirements for the Latin American Studies major and minor.

Contemporary African Art

CAS AH527 B1 Thu 12:30-3:30 course site
The course uses lecture and seminar-style discussion to address issues and debates related to the creation, interpretation, and collection of contemporary African visual art from the period of 1950 until today. The course considers photography, painting, sculpture and installations from the entire continent, examining contemporary art practice in relationship to historical precedents. It also analyzes the contemporary political, social and environmental issues that influence artists in working in Africa today. No background in art history or African studies is necessary to take this seminar in the dynamic field of contemporary African art.

Chinese & Japanese Calligraphy

CAS AH530 Mon  5:00-8:00 course site
Introduction to the history, theory, and practice of the art of Chinese & Japanese calligraphy. The related art of seal carving is also introduced. No knowledge of Chinese or Japanese required.

Art and Politics in Imperial Rome

CAS AH534 Thu  2:00-5:00 course site
A study of the art and architecture of imperial Rome focusing on the ways that emperors and private citizens alike used sculptures, paintings, buildings, and other art forms as tools to advertise achievements and mold public opinion. Sculptured and painted portraits, historical and funerary reliefs, triumphal arches, honorary columns, forums, amphitheaters, temples, tombs, coins, and cameos will be studied in their political and social contexts.

Ottoman Art

CAS AH541 Tue  3:00-6:00 course site
Explores the artistic patronage of the Ottoman court, fifteenth to eighteenth centuries. Questions of self-fashioning, artistic agency, courtly behavior, decorum, and the formation of an imperial style frame the discussion of specific works of art and architecture.

African American Art

CAS AH571 Mon  9:00-12:00 course site
Studies African American art and craft production from the early nineteenth century to the present against the background of the diaspora, reconstruction, and the modernist movements of the late-nineteenth and twentieth centuries.

Architectural Technology and Materials

CAS AH580 Thu  9:30-12:30 course site
An introduction to the history of architectural construction, technologies, and materials, and their consequences in the built environment. Students receive a practical understanding of the building process and of its social and cultural contexts.

Twentieth-Century Architecture and Urbanism

CAS AH585 Mon  2:00-5:00 course site
Covering a period that ranges from the conclusion of the Second World War to the wave of social unrest at the end of the 1960s, this seminar examines the way European architectural culture responded to the radical transformations of the postwar years. The course looks at projects, city plans, and design theories through the lenses of the culture of the time, drawing parallels with other disciplinary fields, including art, photography, cinema, and literature.

Impressionism through Symbolism

CAS AH589 Wed 9:00-12:00 course site
Major currents in nineteenth-century European art – from the painting of modern life by Manet and the Impressionists to evocations of the pain of desire by Rodin and Munch- are examined in light of contemporary developments in politics, science, religion, literature, music and the history of ideas. Class discussion of readings, both recent and classic, will be followed by an oral report and final paper on a research topic.

Graduate Courses

Arts of Japan Colloquium

GRS AH726 Tue  12:00-2:00 course site
Offered in conjunction with the survey AH 326. An exploration of artistic media and architectural types from neolithic periods to twentieth century. Colloquium meetings focus on narrower themes and issues arising from the general topics introduced in the lectures. Readings drawn mainly from recent scholarship, with special attention paid to historiography and methodology.

Colloquium on Nineteenth-Century Architecture

GRS AH782 Tue  10:00-12:00 course site
Dilemma of style in nineteenth-century architecture; study of the relationship of architectural theory to the changing philosophy and aesthetic theory of the period. Development of functionalist theory. Students must also attend CAS AH 382.

Seminar: Romanesque and Gothic Art

GRS AH846 Wed  2:00-4:00 course site
This seminar explores the art and architecture of Romanesque and early gothic Europe. Topics include the role of allegory, nostalgia and parody. The impact of monasticism, grotesque imagery and the rise of empathy will also be examined.

Seminar: Visual Culture of Slavery and the Civil War

GRS AH886 Tue  2:00-4:00 course site
The seminar focuses on the visual culture of American slavery and the Civil War. Sources to be investigated include paintings, sculpture, book illustration, graphics in the illustrated weeklies, photography, exhibitions, and organized urban spectacles, with a focus on the structures, representations, and experiences of enslaved persons, politicians, soldiers, and women and children on the home front.

Seminar: Contemporary Art and Globalization

GRS AH895 Mon  12:00-2:00 course site
This seminar examines the ways in which cultural globalization has fundamentally altered the production and reception of art during the past three decades. Students will explore how artists have negotiated the space between local tradition and global exchange while working in multiple locations and participating in large-scale, international exhibitions. In addition to reading theories of globalization, the class will address the political and social realignments that took place after 1989, as today’s interconnected art world began to emerge.