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Prof. Bozdogan presented in workshop in Cyprus

By Susan E RiceAugust 17th, 2018in Side Bar

Landscapes of Leisure: Architectural Histories of Tourism and Development is a new research initiative led by Professor Panaiyota Pyla and her MesArch Lab at the University of Cyprus in collaboration with Professor Bozdogan. With a specific focus on the eastern Mediterranean, the project brings together scholars from around the world... More

Prof. Tseng interviewed by the Meiji 150 Podcast

By Susan E RiceAugust 16th, 2018in Side Bar

In the Meiji at 150 Podcast, host Tristan Grunow (University of British Columbia) interviews specialists of Japanese history, literature, art, and culture. He speaks with Prof. Alice Tseng about Meiji-period architecture: the politics of building design, national representation at international expositions, and reactions of foreign visitors to a newly-modernized Tokyo... More