Track in History of Asian Art & Architecture

Eight courses are required for the MA track in the history of Asian art and architecture. Five of these eight courses must be in Asian art and architecture. They must include the basic colloquia courses: AH 726 – Arts of Japan, and AH 727 – Arts of China. Students who have already taken courses comparable to the Arts of China and the Arts of Japan may substitute other courses with the consent of the Director of Graduate Studies. Students take three other courses in Asian art and architecture, including at least one graduate seminar. The final three of the eight courses are electives. Students may take courses in related fields such as Asian history, literature, and religion. Students specializing in Asian art must acquire proficiency in modern Chinese or modern Japanese. In the case that the student is specializing in a field of Asian art that is not Chinese or Japanese, the DGS will determine the language requirement in consultation with the student’s adviser. The final requirement for the MA degree is the preparation of a scholarly paper, usually one written for a departmental course that has been revised according to professional standards of presentation. After the advising faculty member and a second reader have approved it, the final paper is to be submitted to the Director of Graduate Studies for approval.

For further information please contact:

Professor Cynthia Becker
Director of Graduate Studies

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Telephone: (617) 353-1471
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