Instructions for Reinbusement from Alumni and Hills Funds

The Department of History of Art and Architecture encourages graduate students at both the MA and the PhD levels to give papers at conferences as part of their education.  During the course of the year faculty frequently announce conferences that are open to graduate students, so students should be alert to these postings.

The Department has funds from the BU History of Art and Architecture Alumni Fund and from the Patricia Hills Endowed Fund to reimburse graduate students for their travel expenses and/or conference fees when they deliver papers at recognized conferences.  If the funds are available, occasionally expenses to attend conferences will be reimbursed, even if no paper is given, when scholars at the conference are giving papers directly relating to the students’ MA papers or PhD dissertations.  These instances require the written endorsement of the student’s adviser.  Research trips to archives or to collections may also be reimbursed with the written endorsement of the student’s adviser.

To apply for tentative approval:

Before the conference, submit an email letter with the following information to Prof. Hills (

1)  Organizing conference and name of session and the city

2)  Copy of email or letter accepting the paper

3)  exact date when the paper will be delivered

4)  title of the paper

5)  estimated expenses

After the conference:

1)  Submit a letter with the name of conference, session, city, date, and title of paper

2)  List expenses on the letter

3)  Scotch tape receipts including boarding passes to a separate sheet/sheets (no reimbursement unless boarding passes are submitted)

4)  submit original and 2 copies to Prof. Hills ( She will initial and pass along the original and one copy to Cheryl Crombie

Note:  Travel grants are also available through the BU Graduate Student Organization (GSO).  However, these requests must be made in the semester before the actual talk.  Students getting GSO Travel Grants allows for more funds for other History of Art and Architecture students.  For application instructions, go to the GSO website ( Students are also expected to apply for outside funding, such as the CAA, SAH, etc. for trips.

For more information, contact Professor Patricia Hills or the Director of Graduate Studies.