In Progress

Christina An
“Art Beyond Price or Place: Vermeer, Asia, and the Poetics of Painting”
First Reader: Zell

Lara Ayad
“Egypt’s Morphing Modernisms: Representing Women, Cultural Identity, and Class in Modern Egyptian Art, 1933-1973”
First Reader: Becker

Leslie K. Brown
“‘Picture Ahead!’: The Kodak Picture Spot Sign in American Photography, Visual and Material Culture, and the Touristic Landscape”
First Reader: Sichel

Steven Burgess
“‘Conflagration and Consecration Funerary Pyres of the Roman Imperial Family from 138 to 235 CE”
First Reader: Kleiner

Jordan Karney Chaim
“Permanent Presence: Artists, Exhibition Spaces, and the Rise of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles, 1970-1990”
First Reader: Williams

Erin Coe
“Cultural Icon Meets Cultural Landscape: Georgia O’Keeffe, Historiography, and Lake George”
First Reader: Hills

Lynne Cooney
“The Transparent Glass Cabinet: The Politics of Display in Exhibitions in Johannesburg After Apartheid”
First Reader: Becker

Caitlin Dalton
“Imprinting Art and Ideology: Memory and Pedagogy in the Early German Democratic Republic”
First Reader: Williams

Jamie Devol   (AMNESP)
“‘Impelled by the Power of Living’: The Ideology and Architecture of Frank Furness and Louis Sullivan”
First Reader: Morgan

Elisa Germán
“The Creative State: The Calcografía Nacional and its Impact on Printmaking in Madrid After the Spanish Civil War, 1939-1959”
First Reader: Williams

Sasha Goldman
“Torno Subito: Maurizio Cattelan and the Return(s) of Italy”
First Reader: Williams

Tessa Hite
“Rebranding the Enemy: American Propaganda and Photography in Postwar Germany”
First Reader: Sichel

Kristi L. Martin  (AMNESP)
“Creating ‘Concord’: How Preservation and Tourism Transformed a New England Village into a Tourist Mecca, 1824-1965”
First Reader: Moore

Ewa Matyczyk
“Public Transformations: Intervention, Memory, and Community in Warsaw, 1970-2010”
First Reader: Williams

Erin McKellar
“Tomorrow on Display: American and British Housing Exhibitions, 1940-1955”
First Reader: Hochhäusl

Catherine O’Reilly
“Last Supper Refectory Frescoes in Fifteenth-Century Florence: Painting, Performance, Senses, and Space”
First Reader: Cranston

Sarah Parrish
“Anthropologies of Fiber: Claire Zeisler, Ed Rossbach, Sheila Hicks”
First Reader: Williams

Bryn Schockmel
“The Historical Procession of Andrea Mantegna’s Triumphs of Caesar: From the Palazzo Ducale to Hampton Court Palace”
First Reader: Jodi Cranston

Margaret Shortle
“Illustrated Divans of Hafiz: Islamic Aesthetics at the Intersection of Art and Literature, 1450-1650”
First Reader: Emine Fetvaci

Samuel Shupe  (AMNESP)
“Pedaling Vacationland: Bicyclists, Genteel Recreation, and Landscapes in Maine, 1878-1902”
First Reader: William D. Moore




Rebekah Beaulieu  (AMNESP)
“Accounting for the Past: Historic House Museums and the American Midwest”
First Reader: Moore

Melanee Harvey
“Upon this Rock: Architectural, Material, and Visual Histories of Two Black Protestant Churches, 1881-1969”
First Reader: Keith N. Morgan

Anjuli Lebowitz
“Faith in the Field: The Art of Discovery in Auguste Salzmann’s Photographic Albums, 1854-1875” PDF
First Reader:. Kim Sichel

Erin Hyde Nolan
“Ottomans Abroad: The Circulation and Translation of Nineteenth-Century Ottoman Portrait Photographs Between the Ottoman and Euro-American Worlds”
First Reader: Kim Sichel

Lana Sloutsky
“Quasi Alterum Byzantium: The Preservation of Identity Through Memory and Culture by Aristocratic Byzantine Women, 1440-1600” PDF
First Reader: Jodi Cranston

Emily Voelker
“From Both Sides of the Lens: Anthropology, Native Experience & Photographs of American Indians in French Exhibitions, 1870-1890″
First Reader: Kim Sichel


Lindsay Alberts
“From Stuidiolo to Uffizi: Sites of Collecting and Display under Francesco I de’ Medici” PDF
First Reader: Jodi Cranston
Second Reader: Michael Zell

Susan Barahal
Repaint, Reframe, Renew: Updating Sacred Images during the Early Italian RenaissancePDF
First Reader: Jodi Cranston
Second Reader: Deborah Kahn

Caroline M. Riley
“’Ambassador of Good Will’: The Museum of Modern Art’s Three Centuries of American Art in 1930s Europe and the United States” PDF
First Reader: Patricia Hills
Second Reader: Ross Barrett

Deborah Hartry Stein
“The Visual Rhetoric of Charles Callahan Perkins: The Early Italian Renaissance and a New Fine Arts Paradigm for Boston” PDF
First Reader: Keith N. Morgan
Second Reader: Jodi Cranston

Alona Wilson
“The Formation of an African American Artis, Hughie Lee-Smith, From 1925 to 1968” PDF
First Reader: Patricia Hills
Second Reader: Gwendolyn DuBois Shaw


George Born (AMNESP)
“Home Rule: Local Historic Districting in the New Boston, 1953-1983”
First Reader: Keith N. Morgan

Kathleen Daly (AMNESP)
“Fit to Mother: Women, Architecture, and the Performance of Health, 1865-1930” PDF
First Reader: Keith N. Morgan
Second Reader: William D. Moore

Beth Pugliano 
“All Those Who Fight: The Motif of Single Combat in Romanesque Art, c. 1050-1215”
First Reader: Kahn

Casey Riley  (AMNESP)
“From Page to Stage: Isabella Stewart Gardner’s Photograph Albums and the Development of Her Museum, 1850-1920”
First Reader: Sichel

Karen Robbins  (AMNESP)
“Discipline and Polish: Designing the “Family System” at the Connecticut Industrial School for Girls, 1868-1921” PDF
First Reader: Keith N. Morgan
Second Reader: William D. Moore

Seung Yeon Sang  
“The Trajectory of Modern Ceramic Scholarship: Okuda Seiichi’s Ceramic Appreciation in the Taishō Period, 1912 – 1926” PDF
First Reader: Alice Y. Tseng
Second Reader: Louise Cort

George Schwartz  (AMNESP)
“‘Collecting and Arranging…a History of the Globe’: A Reconsideration of the Salem East India Marine Society and Antebellum American Museology”
First Reader: Morgan

Naomi Slipp  
“The Secret Figure: Artistic Anatomy and the Search for the Medical Body in Nineteenth-Century American Art”
First Reader: Hills

Ginger Elliott Smith
“Technology and Artistic Practice in 1960s and 1970s Southern California” PDF
First Reader: Gregory Williams
Second Reader: Patricia Hills

Martina Tanga  
“Arte Ambientale and Arte nel Sociale in Italian Art of the 1970s”
First Reader: Gregory Williams

Catherine Walsh
“Renaissance Landscapes and the Figuration of Giambologna’s Appennino: An Ecocritical Analysis” PDF
First Reader: Jodi Cranston
Second Reader: Michael Zell


Judy Ditner
“Art is a Lie that Makes Us Realize Truth: Walid Raad’s Abstract Realism” PDF
First Reader: Kim Sichel
Second Reader: Gregory Williams

Kenneth Hartvigsen  
“‘Patriotism, Race, and Gender Bending Through American Song: Cover Illustrations of Popular Music from the Civil War to World War I” PDF
First Reader: Patricia Hills
Second Reader: William D. Moore

Keely Orgeman  
“Visualizing the Irradiated Body and Radioactive Landscape in American Art, 1945-2010” PDF
First Reader: Patricia Hills
Second Reader: Gregory Williams

Brian Sirman   (AMNESP)
“Concrete Dreams: Architecture, Politics, and Boston’s New City Hall, 1960-2010”
First Reader: Keith N. Morgan

Zachary Violette  (AMNESP)
The Decorated Tenement: Working-Class Housing in Boston and New York, 1860-1910PDF
First Reader: Keith N. Morgan
Second Reader: William D. Moore


Carrie Anderson
“Johan Maurits’s Brazilian Collection: The Role of Ethnographic Gifts in Colonial Discourse” PDF
First Reader: Michael Zell
Second Reader: Jodi Cranston

John Gordon   (AMNESP)
“Lurelle Guild’s Historical Modernism: Americana and Industrial Design” PDF
First Reader: Keith N. Morgan
Second Reader: Edward S. Cooke, Jr.

Katherine Harper
“Hendrick Goudt: New Light on an Artist and Nobleman” PDF
First Reader: Michael Zell
Second Reader: Jodi Cranston

Yanchiuan He
“The Materiality, Style, and Culture of Calligraphy in the Northern Song Dynasty (960-1127)” PDF
First Reader: Qianshen Bai
Second Reader: Heping Liu

Meghen Jones
“Tomimoto Kenkichi and the Discourse of Modern Japanese Ceramics” PDF
First Reader: Alice Y. Tseng
Second Reader: Louise Allison Cort

Dean George Lampros (AMNESP)
“Like a Real Home: The Residential Funeral Home and America’s Changing Vernacular Landscape, 1910 – 1960″ PDF
First Reader: Richard M. Candee
Second Reader: William D. Moore

Austin Porter
“Paper Bullets: The Visual Culture of American World War II Print Propaganda”
First Reader: Hills

Jessica Roscio (AMNESP)
“Photographic Domesticity: The Home/Studios of Alice Austen, Catharine Wede Barnes Ward, and Frances Benjamin Johnston, 1885-1915”
First Reader:

Benjamin Zweig
“Unforgivable Sin: Depicting Suicide in Medieval Art, 1100-1400”
First Reader: Kahn


Katherine Carroll
“Modernizing the American Medical School, 1893-1940: Architecture, Pedagogy, Professionalization, and Philanthropy”
First Reader: Morgan

Susanne Moebus-Bergeron
“The Adaptation and Application of Goldsmith Techniques in Medieval Manuscripts from the Early Eleventh to the Mid-Thirteenth Century”
First Reader: Kahn

Colin Root (AMNESP)
”Living on the Level’: The Significance of Horizontality in Shaping Cold-War America”
First Reader: Morgan

Tara Ward
“Personal Space: Simultaneity in the 1913 Work of Robert Delaunay, Fernand Léger, and Sonia Delaunay”
First Reader:

Francine Weiss (AMNESP)
“Visual Verses: Edward Weston’s Photographs for Walt Whitman’s Leaves of Grass, 1941-1942”
First Readers:
 Hills,  Sichel


Virginia Anderson
” ‘A State of Anxious Uncertainty’: The Critical Reception of Jasper Johns”
First Readers: Jones, Williams

Christine Hult-Lewis  (AMNESP)
“The Mining Photographs of Carleton Watkins, 1858-1891 and the Origins of Corporate Photography”
First Reader:

Amber Ludwig
“‘Becoming Emma Hamilton: Portraiture and Self-Fashioning in Late Enlightenment Europe”
First Reader:

Melissa Renn
“LIFE in the Art World, 1936-1972”
First Reader:





Cutshaw, Stacey “Intimate Images: The Public and the Private in Twentieth-Century American Photography” C. Jones,K. Sichel
Doherty, Keith “Roman Landscape Painting, Narrative, and Ancient Cartography F. Kleiner
Habib Linssen, Dalia “Imprints of Their Being: the Photographs of Hansel Mieth and Otto Hagel.” K. Sichel
Markovitz Goldstein, Holly “American Landscapes as Revisionist History: The Frontier Photographs ofMark Klett, John Pfahl, Deborah Bright, and Robert Adams” K. Sichel
Orwig, Timothy T(AMNESP) “Patriotism, Taste, and Authenticity: Joseph Everett Chandler, the Preservation Movement and the Colonial Revival.” K.N. Morgan
Roberts, Ellen “Japanese Art and the American Aesthetic Interior, 1870-1900” K.N. Morgan
Dolan, Julia “I will Take you into the Heart of Modern Industry: Lewis Hine’s Photographic Interpretation of the Machine Age” K. Sichel
DuBois, Michelle “Picturing ‘The Structure of Becoming’ – Charles Seliger’s Expressions of Complexity.” P. Hills,G. Williams
Dumett, Mari “Corporate Imaginations: The Fluxus Collective in the Age of Multinational Capitalism” C. Jones,P. Hills
Emans Moore, Charlotte (AMNESP) “Art as Text, War as Context: The Art Gallery of the Metropolitan Fair,
New York City’s Artistic Community, and the Civil War”
P. Hills
Lamunière, Michelle “The Social Museum at Harvard: Francis Greenwood Peabody and Early Twentieth-Century Social Reform Photography in Context “ K. Sichel
Albers, Kate Palmer “Archive/Atlas/Album: The Photographic Records of Christian Boltanski, Dinh Q. Lê, and Gerhard Richter” C. Jones,K. Sichel
Barrett, Ross “Rendering Violence: Riots, Strikes, and Upheaval in Nineteenth-CenturyAmerican Art and Visual Culture” P. Hills
Burgess, Rebekah(AMNESP) “Collecting Agency: Turn-of-the-Century Lowell, Massachusetts Workers Return the Camera’s Gaze’ K. Sichel
De Appolonia, Giovanna “Profane and Sacred Justice: The Symbolism of the Romanesque Column-Bearing Lion from Northern Italy” D. Kahn
Mayer, Stephanie “The Art of The Gift:  Mount, Sully, Huntington, and the Antebellum Gift Book Industry” P. Hills
Senf, Rebecca “Intimate Places: Ansel Adams’s Photographs in the American West and Southwest, 1916-1936” K. Sichel
Steck, Stuart “Veiling the Subject: Ellsworth Kelly and the Discourses of Modernism” C. Jones,P. Hills
Blais, Catherine “The Artist/ Curator Phenomenon: Maneuvers In The Economy of a Relation” C. Jones,J. Ribner
Driemeyer, Laura(AMNESP) “Rising from the Ashes:  The Transformation of 19th Century Building Culture in Charlestown, Massachusetts” K.N. Morgan
Seaman, Natasha “Archaism and the Critique of Caravaggio in the Religious Paintings of Hendrick Ter Brugghen” M. Zell
Tronchin, Francesca “An Eclectic Locus Artis: The Casa Di Octavius Quartio At Pompeii” F. Kleiner
Hamilton, Jaimey “Strategies of Excess: The Postwar Assemblages of Alberto Burri, Robert Rauschenberg, and Arman” C. Jones,P. Hills
Gertsman, Elina Debeo Saltare: Theology, Reception and Performativity in the Medieval Dance of Death.” J. Cranston
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Shafer, Deborah “Fashioning an Ideal of Intimacy: British Family Portraits, 1730-1790” J. Ribner
Altvater, Francis A In Fonte Renatus: The Iconography and Context of Twelfth-CenturyBaptismal Fonts in England” D. Kahn
Furth, Leslie “Imaging Transgression: Subverting the Victorian Norm in the Work of Thomas Satterwhite Noble, John Singer Sargent and John White Alexander” P. Hills,J. Ribner
Kjellman-Chapin, Monica “Embodying Aestheticism: Whistler and the Tradition of the Nude” J. Ribner
Lawrence, Kathleen(AMNESP) “Aesthetic Transcendentalism and its Legacy: Margaret Fuller, William Wetmore” S. Mizruchi, P. Hills
Richardson, Milda B “The Metamorphosis of the Lithuanian Wayside Shrine, 1850-1990” K.N. Morgan
Bresler, Ross “Between Ancient and All’antica: The Imitation of Roman Coins in the Renaissance” H. Wohl,F. Kleiner
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Vure, Sarah “Independent American Artist: The Post-Armory Show Careers of Robert Henri and John Sloan” P. Hills
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Georgi, Karen “Asher B. Durand’s American Landscapes and the Nature of Representation” P. Hills
Alexander-Shilland, Kimberly “Ware and Van Brunt: Architectural Practice and Professionalization (1863-1881)” K.N. Morgan
Housefield, James E “French Interpretations of Leonardo da Vinci’s Modernity: A Mind at Work in Art and Science” H. Wohl
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Riccardi, Lee Ann “Roman Imperial Portraiture in the Eastern Provinces, A.D. 235-270: A Study of Reception and Rejection of Imperial Models” F. Kleiner
Trump, Erik Krenzen(AMNESP) “The Indian Industries League and its Support of American Indian Arts 1893-1922:A Study of Changing Attitudes Towards Indian women and Assimilationist Policy” P. Hills
Allen, Nina(AMNESP) “Thomas Hart Benton and John Steinbeck: Populist Realism in the Depression Era” W. Vance,P. Hills
Carson, Jeanie Cooper(AMNESP) “Interpreting National Identity in Time of War: Competing Views in United States Office of War Information (OWI) Photography, 1940-1945” K. Sichel
White, Eric “Hugo Van Der Goes and the Art of Imitation in Early Netherlandish Painting” A. Binion
McInnes, Mary Drach “Taboo and Transgression: The Subversive Aesthetics of Georges Bataille and Documents K. Sichel,F. Licht
Patton, Pamela A “The Cloister of San Juan de la Pena and Monumental Sculpture in Aragon and Navrre” S. Von Daum Tholl
Steinberg, Norma Sheila “William Gropper: Art and Censorship from the 1930s Cold War Era” P. Hills
Thompson (Moriarty), Phyllis Anina “The Triumph of Poverty Over Fortune: Illuminations From Boccaccio’s De Casibus Virorum Illustrium N. Miller
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Stewart, David Alan “G.F. Watts: The Social and Religious Themes” K. Bendiner, K.N. Morgan


Black, Janet Phyrn “Aspects of the Artist’s Education in Eighteenth-Century France” A. Binion
Dabakis, Melissa “Saul Baizerman (1889-1957)” P.Hills,F. Licht
Longsworth, Ellen L “The Renaissance Tomb in Milan” H. Wohl
Calo, Carole Gold “Aspects of Wood Sculpture in America During the 1950’s” F. Licht
Stott, Annette “American Painters who worked in the Netherlands” P. Hills
Webbe, Nancy Lodge “The Three Graces in Renaissance Art: Origins and Transformations of a Theme” H. Wohl

(AMNESP) denotes the student is a doctoral candidate in the American and New England Studies Program; all others are History of Art & Architecture doctoral candidates/recipients.