Fall 2017 Courses


Undergraduate Courses

AH 111- Introduction to Art History I: Antiquity to the Middle Ages

An introduction to art history and the analysis of painting, sculpture, and architecture. Study of masterpieces from prehistoric to medieval times. Focus on monuments of Greece, Rome, and the Middle Ages, with a survey of Egyptian and Near Eastern art.   Room: COM 101

T,R  11:00-12:15  and  Discussion Section                   Kleiner/Kahn
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AH 201-  Understanding Architecture

Introduces a range of approaches to understanding architecture in a historical perspective. Learn how architects and others have interpreted meaning through rubrics of art, nature, and culture. Focusing on European and American architecture from 1400 to the present.   Room: EPC 209

T, R  2:00-3:15                   Abramson
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AH 215- Arts of Africa and its Diaspora

Explores diversity of visual and performing arts from Africa, including ceramics, textiles, royal regalia, masquerades, and contemporary painting. Examines how the dispersal of Africans, due to the transatlantic slave trade and immigration, contributed to the cultural richness of the Americas.   (Meets w/ CAS AA215) Room: CAS B36

T, R  12:30-1:45                      Becker
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AH 220- Islamic Art

Examines key monuments of Islamic art and architecture within their historical and cultural context, and emphasizes the diversity within the visual cultures of the Islamic world.   Room: CAS B27

M,W,F  2:30-3:20                   Fetvaci
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AH 233- Arts of Greece

Greek architecture, painting, sculpture, and minor arts. Emphasis on developments in Athens and on the creation of the classical style in art and architecture.   Room: CAS 116

T, R 3:30-4:45                      Martin                     

AH 257- Renaissance Art

Survey of the arts in the Renaissance in Italy from the communes of the early fifteenth century to the courts of the sixteenth century. Room: EPC 206

M,W,F 12:20-1:10                   O’Reilly
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AH 284-  Arts in America

Survey of American painting, architecture, sculpture, prints, and photography from the early settlement in 1630 to the present.   Room: CAS 116

M,W,F 10:10-11:00                  Barrett
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AH 326-  Arts of Japan

The arts of Japan, from prehistory to the twentieth century. Lectures intend to cover a broad range of media (painting, sculpture, ceramics, prints) and building types (temples, palaces, castles, teahouses).   Room: CAS 315

T, R  12:30-1:45                          Tseng 
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AH 369- American Folk Art

Explores the objects that collectors and museums identify as “American Folk Art.” Examines how this label developed throughout the twentieth century; familiarizes students with major collections and genres including painting, sculpture, textiles, and other media.   (Meets w/ CAS AM 369)  Room: CAS B36

M,W,F 11:15-12:05                  Moore

AH 377- American Furniture

Survey of furniture and related arts– painting, architecture, and silver– with an emphasis on aesthetics and quality, sources, style changes, regional differences, materials, and construction.   Room: CAS 320N

T, R 9:30-10:45                   Hall
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AH 391- Twentieth Century Art to 1940

A study of the key tendencies in European art between the 1880s and World War II. The work of van Gogh, Picasso, Matisse, Dalí, and their contemporaries is examined in relation to major issues in European culture and politics.   Room: CAS 218

M, W, F 2:30-3:20                    Sichel
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AH 393 A1- Contemporary Art

Explores the terms of debate, key figures, and primary sites for the production and reception of contemporary art on a global scale since 1980. Painting, installation art, new media, performance, art criticism, and curatorial practice are discussed.   Room: SHA 110

T, R  3:30-4:45                    Dalton

AH 393 B1- Contemporary Art

Explores the terms of debate, key figures, and primary sites for the production and reception of contemporary art on a global scale since 1980. Painting, installation art, new media, performance, art criticism, and curatorial practice are discussed. This section is only for CFA students.   Room: CAS 222

T   6:30-9:15                    Dalton

AH 398- Twentieth Century Architecture

This course provides an introduction to the major developments in architecture and urban planning from ca. 1900 to the present. It traces the proliferation of modernist thought through key projects but also to everyday buildings and landscapes.   Room: CAS 315

T, R 8:00-9:15                  McKellar

AH 520- Museums

Considers the history, present realities, and future possibilities of museums and historical agencies. Emphasis on how museums work. Discusses key debates in museums today, historical development, and communities. Includes: collecting, display, interpretation, stolen art, and organization. Visit local museums and meet museum professionals.   Room: CAS 303A

T  12:30-3:15                      Hall
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AH 527 A1- American Art and the Civil War

This course will explore the ways that Northern and Southern painters, sculptors, photographers, illustrators, and popular image makers interpreted slavery and sectional strife in the years surrounding the Civil War.   Room: CAS 320N

F   11:15-2:00               Barrett
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AH 527 C1- Global Heritage Conservation

Examines global approaches towards heritage conservation guidelines and philosophies. Will explore themes such as revitalization of historic towns and tourism management in heritage cities; historic gardens; underwater cultural heritage; contemporary architecture at historic and ancient cites.   Room: HIS 110

T 3:30-6:15                   Haenraets

AH 534- Seminar on Pompeii

Art and life in Pompeii and the other cities buried by the eruption of Mt. Vesuvius. Urban planning; civic, religious, and domestic architecture; tombs; mural painting; mosaics; sculpture; minor arts; and the history of the excavations.  (Meets w/ CAS AR 534)   Room: CAS 303A

W  2:30-5:15                   Kleiner
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AH 541- Ottoman Art

Explores the artistic patronage of the Ottoman court, fifteenth to eighteenth centuries. Questions of self-fashioning, artistic agency, courtly behavior, decorum, and the formation of an imperial style frame the discussion of specific works of art and architecture.   Room: CAS 303A

F  11:15-2:00                  Fetvaci
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AH 554- Boston Architecture Workshop

This course focuses on class readings, lectures, and research on a single neighborhood or community in Boston (or Greater Boston). Greatest emphasis is on using primary sources– land titles and deeds, building permits, fire insurance atlases and other maps.  (Meets w/ CAS AM555 & CAS HI569)   Room: HIS 110 

W  2:30-5:15                    Bluestone
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AH 557- Drawing in Early Modern Italy

This seminar will consider the role of drawings in workshop practice, the transition to drawings as autonomous artworks, and the relationship between invention and sketches. Attention also will be given to the history of materials and of drawing connoisseurship.   Room: CAS 303A

F   8:00-10:45                   Cranston
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AH 574- Morocco & Zanzibar

Highlights artistic connections that historically occurred across geographic cultural, and intellectual crossroads.  It takes a case-study approach and focuses on Morocco and Zanzibar, examining how trade and movement across land and sea resulted in intersecting artistic traditions and cultural fusion.   Room: PLS 505

R  3:30-6:15                  Becker
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Graduate Courses

AH 726- Colloquium in Japanese Art

Course offered in conjunction with AH 326 Arts of Japan. An exploration of artistic media and architectural types from Neolithic periods to the twentieth century. Focuses on narrower themes and issues arising from the general topics introduced in the lectures.   Room: CAS 303A

T   9:00-10:45                   Tseng
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AH 846- Medieval Art & Beyond

The first half of the class will survey the art of the Middle Ages. The second half will focus on big topics raised by this material including: Pathos, the Body, Self-Denial and Spirituality and Death and Representation.
Room: CAS 303A

R  1:30-3:15                    Kahn
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AH 867- Material Culture

Introduction to the theory and practice of the interdisciplinary study of material culture, which includes everything we make and use, from food and clothing to art and buildings. Explores contemporary scholarship from a range of disciplines.   (Meets w/ GRS AM867)   Room: HIS 110

M  2:30-5:15                  Moore

AH 891- The Photographic Book

Examines the photographic book throughout the years from 1839 to the present.  We will concentrate on the book as a unique form for the medium, and study image/text relationships, narrative structures, and the cultural constructions of the book’s message.  Room: CAS 303A

W  10:10-11:55                   Sichel
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AH 893- Histories of Modern Architecture

The historiography of modern architecture focused upon classics published since the 1920s by Pevsner, Giedion, Scully, Banham, Tafuri, and others.  Accompanied by philosophies of history by Foucault, White, Kellner, and others. Learn to think critically about all constructions of history.   Room: CAS 303A

R  9:00-10:45                  Abramson
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