HAA alumna receives coveted teaching award

Dalia Linssen received the  2014 Rhode Island School of Design’s  John R. Frazier Award for Excellence in Teaching.

The John R. Frazier Award is presented each year at Commencement to one full-time and one part-time faculty member who embodies the highest ideals to which our faculty aspires. Those who have received the award have said it is one of the highlights of their teaching career.

The John R. Frazier Award fund was established in 1968 by RISD alumni, friends and family of the late John Frazier, President of RISD from 1955 to 1962, and a beloved professor of painting for many years.

Dalia Linssen received her Ph.D. From Boston University’s Department of History of Art and Architecture in 2010, and has been teaching at the Rhode Island School of Design ever since.  Her dissertation, under the direction of Professor Kim Sichel, was titled “Imprints of Their Being: the Photographs of Hansel Mieth and Otto Hagel.”

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