Professor Ken Tadashi Oshima- Guest Talk on Japanese Architecture 11/11

The Department of History of Art & Architecture presents:

OshimaPoster.pptxKen Tadashi Oshima

“Nihon no toshi kukan:  Approaches to the City Invisible”

This talk examines the conceptualization of Japanese urban space at the crossroads of the 1960s World Design Conference, with trajectories leading to both metabolic mega-structures and the preservation of indigenous villages.

Professor Oshima (University of Washington) teaches in the areas of trans-national architectural history, theory, representation, and design. His publications include GLOBAL ENDS: towards the beginning (Toto, 2012), International Architecture in Interwar Japan: Constructing Kokusai Kenchiku (University of Washington Press, 2009), and Arata Isozaki (Phaidon, 2009).

Monday, November 11, 5:00 PM
725 Commonwealth Avenue, room 200
*Refreshments will be served*

This event is co-sponsored by the Boston University Center for the Study of Asia

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