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AGNI 9 Table of Contents (1978)

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Author Title
Demas, Corinne Daffodils or the Death of Love
Hewitt, Christine Lehner In the Time of Revolution
Midwood, Bart Me and My Uncle
Morris, Mary Penn Station


Author Title
Barna, Ed '‘In fourteen hundred and ninety-two Columbus sailed the ocean blue’ isn’t going to make the carburetor work.”
Dischell, Stuart 5
Gorton, Gregg The Architect
Morris, Herbert At the Ravel Academy
Dischell, Stuart Back There
Dacey, Philip The Coal-Furnace
Cramer, Steven A Cold Day in July
Dischell, Stuart Compassions
Sternberg, Ricardo Dancer
Harmon, William Don’t Let Aphasia
Benedikt, Michael A Double Dose of Blue Volkswagens
Dischell, Stuart Echo
Cotter, Holland Etruscan Tomb Painting
Dischell, Stuart Everyone is Someone Else
Harmon, William For the Present
Hirsch, Edward Gerard de Nerval: Fairy Tale for a Whore
Miller, Jane Grandmother Seen as a Celestial Harbinger
Dischell, Stuart Home My Sister
Klappert, Peter from The Idiot Princess of the Last Dynasty: Patati et Patata, The Subjects of Discontent (I), (II), and (III), Infectious Scotoma
Friebert, Stuart If the Egg’s Not There
Cook, Paul H. Illusion
Dischell, Stuart Lesson
Dischell, Stuart Not Our Strength
Dischell, Stuart Ode Without End
Starbuck, George On Reading John Hollander’s Poem “Breadth. Circle. Desert. Monarch. Month. Wisdom. (for which there are no rhymes)” Part Three.
Dischell, Stuart Perdido
Ghitelman, David Permission
Hinrichsen, Dennis Pure Religion
Morris, Herbert A Quiet Life
Benedikt, Michael The Same Thing
Ghitelman, David The Secret
Ramke, Bin Sex Therapy
Benedikt, Michael Styles of Orgasm
Barna, Ed The Unbearable Sensation
Wild, Peter Whales


Author Title
Collins, Martha The Contents of Discontent: A Preface to Some Poems by Peter Klappert

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