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AGNI 86 Table of Contents (2017)

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The diverging scales of public and private. Standing back and then homing in, architect and former graffiti artist Mensur Demir builds a space for poems by David Wojahn, Peter Balakian, Sophie Klahr, Natalie Shapero, and many others. Ruminations on shoplifting, Spoleto, and the cultural nuances of eating (by Donald Quist, Chad Davidson, and Jung Hae Chae) play against fraught interiors in the fiction of Julianna Baggott, Kent Nelson, and Perri Klass, to name just some.

Editor’s Note

Author Title
Birkerts, Sven Derek Walcott at BU: A Sorting


Author Title
Baggott, Julianna The Velveteen Lover, or How Androids Become Real
Caron, Amber Bending the Map
Dacey, Patrick Once More Before It’s Too Late
Klass, Perri Discharge Planning
Nellen, Stefani How the Mind Can Exist in a Physical Universe
Nelson, Kent Winterlight
Papandreou, Nick The Influence of the Sixties on the Seventies
Schwartz, Lynne Sharon I Want My Car
Ward, Liza A Little Bit of Wickedness


Author Title
Archila, William Saturn’s Country
Balakian, Peter Walking the Ruined City
Baumel, Judith Gueule de Bois
Beasley, Bruce Bloodworm Baltimore French Fry
Cohen, Bruce Costumes
D’Abate, Richard Rudolph’s Tears
Dąbrowski, Tadeusz Sarajevo (translated from the Polish by Antonia Lloyd-Jones)
Elkort, Alicia and Jennifer Givhan A Small Metamorphosis or The Power of Seeing
Elkort, Alicia and Jennifer Givhan One by One
Kiesselbach, Dore Winter Documentary
Kirchwey, Karl Mutabor: Speedlooker
Klahr, Sophie Driving Through Utah, Listening to the Radio
Koester, Brian Jerrold Bossa Nova
Leithauser, Hailey I Shall Name the Worms
Malboeuf, Jennie Strawberry Moon
McDonough, Jill Crying in the Cab Away from You
Mulvey, Bern Dog Days
Polonskaya, Anzhelina To the Ashes (translated from the Russian by Andrew Wachtel)
Rybicki, John While She Sleeps
Shankar, Ravi The Melancholy of Shadows at Dawn
Shankar, Ravi The Utopian
Shapero, Natalie Magpie
Shapero, Natalie You Heard It Here First
Skrande, Eva Eulogy for the Gladioli
Skrande, Eva Fisherman
Smith, Maggie Bear
Smith, Maggie Walking the Dog
Smith, Maggie Wild
Wenthe, William “Love Is Blue”
Wojahn, David Still Life: Stevens’s Wallet on a Key West Hotel Dresser


Author Title
Biederman, Lucy Later
Chae, Jung Hae The Great Meal
Davidson, Chad Mutatis Mutandis
Slater, Ann Tashi Traveling in Bardo
Quist, Donald Thieves

Art Feature

Author Title
Demir, Mensur Thought Samples from the Memory of a Drawing Man (essay, translated from the Bosnian-Croatian-Montenegrin-Serbian by Mirza Purić)
Demir, Mensur Visible Cities

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