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AGNI 77 Table of Contents (2013)

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The body eclectic—artist Fabio D’Aroma’s expressively cartoonized bodies and physiognomies catch the flavor of an issue featuring Lynne Sharon Schwartz’s surgery memoir, as well as meaty and muscular fiction from Tiphanie Yanique, David Hernandez, E. C. Osondu, and Melanie Rae Thon; essays by Lia Purpura and Elvis Bego; poetry by Dana Levin, Jordan Smith, Peter Balakian, and Carol Moldaw; and much more, including translations from the Lithuanian, French, Japanese, Danish, and Russian.

The story “Medium Tough” by Craig Davidson is reprinted in The Best American Short Stories 2014.

Editor’s Note

Author Title
Birkerts, Sven Notebook: Style


Author Title
Osondu, E. C. Boarding School
Hernandez, David Fetch
Thon, Melanie Rae Jackrabbit, Lizard, Rattlesnake, Saguaro
Davidson, Craig Medium Tough
Christensen, Paul My Beautiful Life
Yanique, Tiphanie Oakland Gomorrah
Germanacos, Anne Smoked Carp
Kinsella, John Tarping the Wheat: The Wages of Sin


Author Title
Hix, H. L. At first I didn’t see the contours of the problem.
Thomsen, Søren Ulrik

The best is slowly dropping to sleep (translated from the Danish by Susanna Nied)

Venclova, Tomas Between the Landwehr Canal and the Spree (translated from the Lithuanian by Rimas Uzgiris)
Mandelstam, Osip “Cold prickles my scalp” (translated from the Russian by Deborah Marshall and Douglas Penick)
Flanagan, Deborah The Fast Friendship of Voltaire and the King of Prussia
Looney, George The Importance of the Right Punctuation
Flanagan, Deborah Karl Lagerfeld Meets Voltaire and the King of Prussia in the Hallway
Venclova, Tomas La Baigneuse (translated from the Lithuanian by Rimas Uzgiris)
Levin, Dana Lady Xoc
Bonnefoy, Yves Large Shadows (translated from the French by Hoyt Rogers)
Green, Melissa Leda, Later
Nakahara, Chuya Lost Hope (translated from the Japanese by Christian Nagle)
Van Landingham, Corey The Making of a Prophet
Moldaw, Carol Myodesopsia
Balakian, Peter Near the Border
Thomson, Jeffrey New Faces of Belfast
Mandelstam, Osip “No, never” (translated from the Russian by Deborah Marshall and Douglas Penick)
Smith, Jordan One Too Many Samurai Movies
Thomsen, Søren Ulrik

One windy evening in September (translated from the Danish by Susanna Nied)

Welch, David The Riverbed
Davis, Carol Ann Waiting for the Hummingbird


Author Title
Fleming, Bruce Adventures in Philosophy
Purpura, Lia Brief Treatise Against Irony
Hryniewicz-Yarbrough, Ewa Europa, Europa
Bego, Elvis Let Me Call Back Dark and Bright Days
Melnyczuk, Askold Shadowboxing: A Hospitable Art: Heaney About Town
Schwartz, Lynne Sharon You Gotta Have Heart

Art Feature

Author Title
D’Aroma, Fabio Retrocorionica
D’Aroma, Fabio Simple But Dangerous (essay)

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