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AGNI 76 Table of Contents (2012)

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Fiery significations—of place, of past, of self. Artist Lesley Dill’s striking figurations set the tone of engaged encounter. Nonfiction by Jeffrey Mehlman, John Kinsella, Dinah Lenney, Susan McCallum-Smith, and others. Stories by David Huddle, Wendy Rawlings, Tamas Dobozy, and Victoria Lancelotta; poetry from Sharon Olds, Eamon Grennan, David Wojahn, Patricia Lockwood, with translations by Christopher Middleton, Hoyt Rogers, and Ewa Hryniewicz-Yarbrough.

Wojahn’s “My Father’s Soul Departing” was chosen for The Best American Poetry 2014.

Editor’s Note

Author Title
Birkerts, Sven It Wants to Find You


Author Title
Lancelotta, Victoria As Though I Have a Right To
Fühmann, Franz Down the Mountains (translated from the German by Isabel Fargo Cole)
Huddle, David The Future
Dobozy, Tamas Ghost Geographies
Reid, Robert Leonard That Doubling Is Always Observed
Rawlings, Wendy Tics
Haverty, Charles Trappings


Author Title
Perchik, Simon *
Hamby, Barbara 17 Dollars
Du Bouchet, André Air
Du Bouchet, André Alphabet Fire
McNair, Wesley The Button
Lisowski, Krzysztof A Certain Athenian (translated from the Polish by Ewa Hryniewicz-Yarbrough)
Croxford, Judith Duties
Lisowski, Krzysztof Epitaph for a Cat (translated from the Polish by Ewa Hryniewicz-Yarbrough)
Haufs, Rolf Empty Lot (translated from the German by Christopher Middleton)
Kort, Susanne Famished
Krolow, Karl Free Fall (translated from the German by Stuart Friebert)
Lockwood, Patricia The Hatfields and McCoys
Haufs, Rolf Harz (translated from the German by Christopher Middleton)
Du Bouchet, André I See Almost Nothing
Beasley, Sandra "It Is No Secret Here"
Olds, Sharon The Last Hour
Wojahn, David My Father's Soul Departing
Wojahn, David Ode to FOXP2
Hamby, Barbara Ode to Wasting Time and Drawing Donatello's David
Beeder, Amy Ovid on the Poor Economy of Overgrazing
Clausen, Jan Pantoum on a Theme from Ginsberg
Beasley, Sandra "The People Begin to Understand"
Beeder, Amy "Prodigious fine land, but subject to wets and unhealthiness"
Haufs, Rolf The Rescue (translated from the German by Christopher Middleton)
Grennan, Eamon Silence
Beasley, Sandra "The Strictest Order Must Be Preserved"
Haufs, Rolf Time (translated from the German by Christopher Middleton)
Wojahn, David Timeshare, Florida
Kort, Susanne Toilets
Haufs, Rolf Traveling (translated from the German by Christopher Middleton)
Haufs, Rolf Urban Greenbelt (translated from the German by Christopher Middleton)
Haufs, Rolf Was Not the Right Stuff for Their Wars (translated from the German by Christopher Middleton)
Pascoli, Giovanni When It Was Winter (Adapted from the Italian by Taije Silverman)
Lea, Sydney When the Light Fails
Grennan, Eamon Workshop World


Author Title
Kinsella, John Autography 4
Lenney, Dinah Breakfront
Cooley, Martha Go Tell Your Father
Donovan, Matt House of the Faun, Pompeii
McCallum-Smith, Susan Able and Baker: Not Invented Here
Mehlman, Jeffrey The Mozart of the Talmud
Hill, Kathleen My Apple Tree, My Brightness
Melnyczuk, Askold Shadowboxing: Occupational Hazards

Art Feature

Author Title
Dill, Lesley A Territory of Signs
Dill, Lesley The Embedded Word (essay)

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