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AGNI 74 Table of Contents (2011)

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Sifting for fresh versions of the known. An art portfolio of odd objects, served up by Jody Servon and Lorene Delany-Ullman, captures something of the larger idiosyncrasy of this issue, which features, among other offerings, poetry by Amy Gerstler, Sherman Alexie, Carol Ann Davis, and Rainer Maria Rilke (from the German and from the French); fiction by Helen DeWitt and Rachel Swearingen; a generous array of nonfiction by Sarah Braunstein, Jonathan Wilson, Robert Boyers, and many others, as well as a conversation with the startlingly unusual Yahia Lababidi.

“A Beauty” by Boyers is reprinted in Best American Essays 2012, while “Azeroth” by Jen Percy won a Pushcart Prize and is reprinted in the 2013 anthology.

Editor’s Note

Author Title
Birkerts, Sven The Golden Book


Author Title
Brownstein, Gabriel Implanted Devices
Swearingen, Rachel Mitz’s Theory of Everything Series
Talarigo, Jeff The Night Guardian of the Goat
DeWitt, Helen Plantinga


Author Title
Hopper, Ailish 15 1/2
Cader, Teresa Aesop’s Crows
Rilke, Rainer Maria Corpse Washing (translated from the German by Len Krisak)
Davis, William Virgil The Difference Between Art and Artiface
Sanguineti, Edoardo “during a rather dreary evening conversation” (translated from the Italian by Will Schutt)
Davis, William Virgil An Early November Meditation
Ducey, Kevin Ewigkeit
Aleixandre, Vicente Face Behind the Window (translated from the Spanish by Stephen Kessler)
Winter, Kathleen Hamster Thrown from Monster Truck
Davis, Carol Ann I Sat in My Little Boat
Silverman, Taije I Want This Till the End
Silverman, Taije If Then
Gerstler, Amy It Was a Splendid Mind
Lea, Sydney Milton’s Satan
Meetze, James from Phantom Hour
Blair, David Poem about Pittsburgh Houses
Rilke, Rainer Maria Quai du Rosaire, Bruge (translated from the German by Len Krisak)
Cohen, Bruce Rilke Said I and I and Meant Anybody
Sanguineti, Edoardo “a slogan slipped” (translated from the Italian by Will Schutt)
Alexie, Sherman Steel Anniversary
Davis, Carol Ann Talking to Milosz
Cader, Teresa That Alley of Our Childhood
Blair, David Twin Pines Milk Crate
Amdahl, Gary, with Raquel Rodriguez Cruz Variations on a Theme by Sor Juana
Wade, Elizabeth Vertigo
Sanguineti, Edoardo “what do you see?” (translated from the Italian by Will Schutt)
Rilke, Rainer Maria from Windows (translated from the French by Susanne Petermann)
Skinner, Knute Years Later


Author Title
Wilson, Jonathan Albrecht Dürer, W.G. Sebald, and My Father
Percy, Jen Azeroth
Boyers, Robert A Beauty
Kadetsky, Elizabeth Bombing the Ghost
Braunstein, Sarah Bondage and the Pizza Man
Pagel, Caryl Driving at Night
Braverman, Blair Rangefinder Girl
Melnyczuk, Askold Shadowboxing: Beating Toms


Author Title
Stein, Alex The Exquisites: A Conversation with Yahia Lababidi

Art Feature

Author Title
Servon, Jody & Delany-Ullman, Lorene Saved
Servon, Jody & Delany-Ullman, Lorene Introduction (essay)

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