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AGNI 72 Table of Contents (2010)

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Anything-but-alphabetical Africa. A vividly variegated portfolio (in print and online) of fiction from the continent that Alexander miraculously overlooked, including new work from Henrietta Rose-Innes, Helon Habila, Doreen Baingana, and many others. The art feature and cover by Victor Ekpuk telegraph the sensuous immediacy and coded layers of this presentation. The issue also includes fiction by Joan Wickersham and Sarah Gaddis; poems by C. K. Williams, Kevin Young, Kate Northrop, and others; reflections on poetry by Carol Moldaw and Anton Vander Zee; as well as tributes to Barry Hannah by Sven Birkerts and William Giraldi.

Both Williams’s “A Hundred Bones” and Julianna Baggott’s “To My Lover, Concerning the Yird-Swine” were chosen for The Best American Poetry 2011. Rose-Innes’s “Homing”and Wickersham’s “The Boys’ School, or The News from Spain” were chosen for The Best American Nonrequired Reading 2011.

Editor’s Note

Author Title
Birkerts, Sven Booze Snow Cone with Crème de Menthe


Author Title
Baingana, Doreen Anointed
Wickersham, Joan The Boys’ School, or The News from Spain
Gaddis, Sarah The End of Old History
Rose-Innes, Henrietta Homing
Coovadia, Imraan The Institute for Taxi Poetry
Osondu, E. C. and Pierce, William Introduction to The AGNI Portfolio of African Fiction
Habila, Helon The Iron Gate
Barrett, A. Igoni Love Is Power, Or Something Like That
Unigwe, Chika Saving Agu’s Wife
Nwokolo Jr., Chuma Sentencing for Six
Waberi, Abdourahman A. Somewhere Close to the Start of the Game (Foosball)
Ifowodo, Ogaga The Treasonable Parrot
Forster, Dayo from Whosoever Fears the Sea


Author Title
Perchik, Simon *
Mazur, Gail American Scene 1935
Boutelle, Annie Caravaggio in Venice, 1591
Northrop, Kate Cat
Young, Kevin Codicil
Carlsen, Ioanna The Dog Hermes
Davis, Carol Ann First in the Meadow
Pollock, James Glenn Gould on the Telephone
Williams, C. K. A Hundred Bones
Davis, Carol Ann I Have Put Your Nest Where I Can See It
Novey, Idra If Vallejo Hadn’t Died in Paris
Grotz, Jennifer Late Summer
Day, Adam Middle Age
Grotz, Jennifer The Needle
Pollock, James Northrop Frye at Bowles Lunch
O’Connor, Stephen Not Yet
Edmunds, Martin Ocean
Young, Kevin Pilgrimage
Kinsella, John Pricked Fingers
Northrop, Kate Private Plane
Campion, Peter Rome
Platt, Donald The Streichholzhändler
O’Connor, Stephen Things Just Come
Baggott, Julianna To My Lover, Concerning the Yird-Swine
Baggott, Julianna Today, Worn and Broke’t, I Make Demands of my Lover


Author Title
Church, Steven All of a Dither
Moldaw, Carol The Bottom Line
Melnyczuk, Askold Shadowboxing: All Hail Private Manning!
Giraldi, William Thrill Me: Barry Hannah in Memoriam
Vander Zee, Anton Whitman, Lately

Art Feature

Author Title
Ekpuk, Victor Storyteller’s Manuscripts

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