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AGNI 7 Table of Contents (1977)


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Author Title
Chatfield, Hale Dorris Comes Out
Chatfield, Hale Dorris Stays In
Major, Clarence Inlet
Morris, Mary The Other Moon


Author Title
Britt, Alan The Afternoon of the Light
Eve, Barbara Anger, Like a Runaway
Novotny, Christine Aphrodisia
Grossman, Martin The Arable Mind
McBride, Mekeel Asking for Help at a Late Hour
Eve, Barbara Aunt B.
Klappert, Peter Boy Walking Back to Find His Father’s Cattle
Eve, Barbara Breaking Ice
Eve, Barbara Candle Shop
Cloutier, David Chukchee Riddles
Levin, James Cleveland Remembered
Frost, Carol The Coldest day of the Year
Inez, Colette Deskset Humidor Hatrack Piece
Eve, Barbara Doing Your Job
Johnson, Thomas Each Day
Anonymous “Evening darkens until” (translated from the Japanese by Kenneth Rexroth)
Doreski, William The Fat Man Plants a Rose
Bruchac, Joseph First Moon
Bruchac, Joseph First Snow
Swann, Brian Five Physiological Riddles
Halpern, Daniel Five Riddles by Symphosius (adapted from the Latin)
Komachi, Ono no “Following the roads” (translated from the Japanese by Kenneth Rexroth)
Parrish, Wendy Louise The Fortunate Pianist
Hutchinson, Joe The Gift
Morris, Mary Godzilla versus the Thing
Krolow, Karl Goldfish on the Prowl (translated from the German by Silvia Scheibli)
Ziegler, Alan The Great Wall
Morris, Mary In the Arms of the Radiologist
Eve, Barbara In the Basilica
Ligi, Gary The Latest Germ
Lehman, David Les Enfants Terribles
Delp, Michael Letter from Monet
Hildebidle, John Love Poems in Memory of William Henry Pratt
Ligi, Gary Love Song: A Separation
McBride, Mekeel Marlon Brando and I Attend Several Japanese Films
Yau, John The Motel Owner and His Wife
Webb, Charles No Kind of Deal at All
Ligi, Gary On our Fifty-Fifth Birthday
Eve, Barbara Osteology
Webb, Charles Parties
Balakian, Peter Portrait before Water
Connell, Kim Potato
Swann, Brian Riddle
Osborne, Raymond Riddle
Dickey, R. P. Riddle
Cramer, Steven Riddle
Eve, Barbara The Skier
Doreski, William Sleeping Near Glastonbury Peak
Frost, Carol Snow Animal
McBride, Mekeel The Source of Light
Marcus, Mordecai Summer Shadows
McIntyre, Alice T. That Nag
Swann, Brian Totem Loss
Hutchinson, Joe A Transformation
Grossman, Martin The Way the World Will End
Frost, Carol What Is Red and White
McBride, Mekeel What Light There Is
Johnson, Thomas Wrung through a Mile of Honeysuckle
Ligi, Gary Your Finger

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