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AGNI 66 Table of Contents (2007)

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Vernaculars, inward and international. Heeding the issue number, we think of Route 66, the legendary American highway, cutting through Ben Miller’s uniquely essayistic Midwest, Jill McCorkle’s and Tara Goedjen’s fictional South, and painter Benny Andrews’s anguished and ecstatic historical South, before jumping off the atlas to take in Peter Balakian’s epical 9/11 sequences, Melissa Green’s topographies of the heart, and William T. Vollmann’s mytho-erotic fantasia. Vernaculars go international and rise into song, with Harrison Solow’s portrait of Welsh tenor Timothy Evans in “Bendithion” (the first-ever AGNI CD is included). Poetry by Steve Gehrke, Jordan Smith, Erica Funkhouser, and others. Essays by Scott Diel, Stephen O’Connor, Alta Ifland, and Askold Melnyczuk. And more.

“Bendithion” won a Pushcart Prize and is reprinted in the 2009 anthology.


Author Title
Tara Goedjen Absence of Oxygen in Town Creek
Jill McCorkle Happy Accidents
Margo Berdeshevsky Pas de Deux, à Trois
William T. Vollmann Widow’s Weeds


Author Title
Peter Balakian from A-Train/Ziggurat/Elegy
Melissa Green The Eater of Paper, the Drinker of Ink
Melissa Green Enchantments
Erica McIninch Estate with Doves
Henrik Nordbrandt Father, Mother, and Children (translated from the Danish by Thomas E. Kennedy)
Melissa Green Fetters
Tom Sleigh For Benny Andrews
Melissa Green Furniture
Melissa Green Green Willow, Green Willow
Erica Funkhouser Imaginary Friends
Melissa Green In Early April
Melissa Green Invitation
Charles Baudelaire Le Cygne (translated from the French by George Kalogeris)
Melissa Green Love in an Irish Family
Melissa Green Moving Day
Stephen Dunn Please Understand
Peter Campion Recurring Dream in a New Home
Jordan Smith Reunion
Melissa Green A Saltbox in Vermont
Jordan Smith Sonatina: Imaginary City
Melissa Green A Stormy Spring
Erica Funkhouser Waiting to Cut the Hay


Author Title
Scott Diel 69° North, 33° East: Running from the Russians
Harrison Solow Bendithion
Lowery Stokes Sims Benny Andrews: A Reminiscence
Ben Miller The Butter Mint Gun
Alta Ifland Elegy for a Fabulous World
Stephen O’Connor Milosz’s Choice: An Investigation of Sentimentality
Askold Melnyczuk Shadowboxing: Daytripping Chatila
Sven Birkerts The Walk

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