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AGNI 65 Table of Contents (2007)

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Vast spans, subtle scapes. Tom Burckhardt’s stunning art feature, its images ranging from American urban to the Arctics and Asias of the imagination, announces the range of this issue. Richard Tillinghast’s real-life Istanbul jostles Kenneth Wong’s fictional Rangoon and Tomas Tranströmer’s lyric Swedish meditations. David Gates’s voice-fugue channels Samuel Beckett, and Kim Addonizio moves the spirit of Chet Baker through her lines of longing and loss. Stories by Peter LaSalle, Edith Pearlman, Magdalena Tulli, Vince Passaro, and others. Poets include Stuart Dischell, Karl Kirchwey, and Debra Nystrom. Essays: Lia Purpura, Marie Mutsuki Mockett, and William Pierce.

Mockett’s “Letter from a Japanese Crematorium” was chosen for The Best Creative Nonfiction 2009. Also in this issue are Tom Sleigh’s “At the Pool,” chosen for The Best American Poetry 2009, and Alex Lemon’s “from Hallelujah Blackout,” chosen for The Best American Poetry 2008.


Author Title
Pearlman, Edith Cul-De-Sac
Tulli, Magdalena from Blemish (translated from the Polish by Bill Johnston)
Gates, David The Man Who Knew Beckett
LaSalle, Peter Mendoza-Burke’s Reform
Wong, Kenneth Movie Nights in Rangoon
Haverty, Charles Search Party
Passaro, Vince Split Up on a Dark Sad Night, Agreeing It Was Best
Moldaw, Carol from The Widening


Author Title
Sleigh, Tom At the Pool
Kirchwey, Karl Barnegat Light
Lindgren, John Diamond
Tranströmer, Tomas From July ’90 (translated from the Swedish by Michael McGriff with Mikaela Grassl)
Rzicznek, F. Daniel Goats, or Something
Rogoff, Jay The Guy Who Passed Me Doing 90 MPH and Playing the Trumpet
Lemon, Alex from Hallelujah Blackout
Dischell, Stuart House and Highway
Pursley III, John I Keep Imagining Mahler
Pursley III, John In the Air
Tranströmer, Tomas In the Kingdom of Insecurity (translated from the Swedish by Michael McGriff with Mikaela Grassl)
Lindgren, John The Invention of Birds
Tranströmer, Tomas Landscape with Suns (translated from the Swedish by Michael McGriff with Mikaela Grassl)
Geide, Marianna “Like a schoolboy . . .” (translated from the Russian by Sibelan Forrester)
Nystrom, Debra Lyle: Concentration
Withiam, Scott Migraine
Rzicznek, F. Daniel Narrows
Wolfson, Sarah Night Travel
Rzicznek, F. Daniel Oil-Soaked Scoters
Aizenberg, Mikhail “Once level with us . . .” (translated from the Russian by J. Kates)
Tranströmer, Tomas A Page from the Nightbook (translated from the Swedish by Michael McGriff with Mikaela Grassl)
Galvin, Brendan Plywood
Djørup, Adda The Same Old Rain (translated from the Danish by Roger Greenwald)
Grøndahl, Cathrine Selected Exercises in Case Law II (translated from the Norwegian by Roger Greenwald)
Galvin, Brendan Smoke
Addonizio, Kim Suite pour les amours perdus
Cramer, Steven Version of the Stalin Epigram
Lindgren, John Waking
Dischell, Stuart While an Old Clock Rang the Hour
Nystrom, Debra Window
Kirchwey, Karl A Wood Thrush


Author Title
Pierce, William Crucibles: “Let Us Imagine”
Tillinghast, Richard from Istanbul in Winter: Hagia Sophia, The Call to Prayer, Rumi
Mockett, Marie Mutsuki Letter from a Japanese Crematorium
Purpura, Lia The Lustres
Birkerts, Sven The Thinker in the Garden


Author Title
Worth, Alexi FULL STOP: A Conversation with Tom Burckhardt

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