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AGNI 63 Table of Contents (2006)

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Where mind meets intuition. Powerful exploratory fiction by Paul Eggers, Alexandra Chasin, Melanie Rae Thon, Maja Novak, and Phong Nguyen; poems by Alpay Ulku, Sandra McPherson, Donald Platt, Friedrich Hölderlin, and others; sui generis essays by Joan Wickersham, Ben Miller, Christopher Livaccari, A. P. Miller, and Charles Bardes—all held in the presiding visual force-field of artist Christopher Gausby.

A.P. Miller’s “Blessing the New Moon” and Melanie Rae Thon’s “Confession for Raymond Good Bird” both won Pushcart Prizes and are reprinted in the 2008 anthology.


Author Title
Chasin, Alexandra The Clawed Claims of Bear Love
Thon, Melanie Rae Confession for Raymond Good Bird
Novak, Maja The Fall of the House of Pirnat (translated from the Slovenian by Tom Lozar)
Nguyen, Phong Memory Sickness
Eggers, Paul Monsieur le Genius


Author Title
Hannah, Sarah Alembic
Tichy, Susan American Ghazals
Ekiss, Robin Android Clarinetist
McPherson, Sandra The Bat by Porch Light
Ulku, Alpay Dare You
Grennan, Eamon Dream Week
Kinsey, Leland Fish Eggs
Carlsen, Ioanna Forgiveness
Grennan, Eamon From the Train
Hölderlin, Friedrich Heidelberg (translated from the German by Emery George)
Ulku, Alpay Hollyhocks for Myself
Brewer, Gaylord The Hunter and the Figs
Dunham, Rebecca A Leaf, A Hare
Powell, Alison Lesson
Ulku, Alpay Old Suddenly
Brown, Kurt Pond
Tichy, Susan Predator
Platt, Donald Red Door
Abramson, Seth Reliquary
Brown, Kurt Sanctum
Deppe, Theodore The Song of the Books
Barry, Quan suffering
Allen, Donia Elizabeth from The Tituba Letters: The Witch Poppet, What Were These Pretty Things, Tituba Speaks of Betty Parris, Tituba Speaks of the Weaver, What Evil Spirit Have You Familyarity With
Hölderlin, Friedrich To the Parcae (translated from the German by Emery George)
Ekiss, Robin What Makes Men Great
Allen, Donia Elizabeth The Witch Poppet


Author Title
Wickersham, Joan An Attempt at a Biographical Essay
Miller, Adam Patric Blessing the New Moon
Birkerts, Sven Finding Traction
Gausby, Christopher from Philosophic Journal
Livaccari, Christopher Of Emptiness, Nothingness, and Asymptotic Freedom
Bardes, Charles, M.D. Seven essays from The Double Serpent: Subtexts in Medicine: caduceus, diseasification, morphine—by way of an explanation, radical mastectomy, sulfa, urinalysis, wound
Miller, Ben A Study in Sequins

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