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AGNI 61 Table of Contents (2005)

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Honoring the spirit that survives. Valedictories for Susan Sontag and Czeslaw Milosz by Askold Melnyczuk, Sven Birkerts, and Seamus Heaney, along with fiercely idiosyncratic prose and poetry by C. K. Williams, K. E. Duffin, Magdalena Tulli, Peter LaSalle, Vivek Narayanan, Edith Pearlman, Kyle Thompson, and many others. Visual meditations on word-to-form by Deborah Davidson.


Author Title
Narayanan, Vivek Encounters with the Kodambakkam Hyena
Tropp, Girija Feeling Satisfactory
Pearlman, Edith On Junius Bridge
Tulli, Magdalena Parts of Speech (translated from the Polish by Bill Johnston)
Clarke, Brock The Price of the Haircut
Roberts, Joshua Revolver
LaSalle, Peter Stadium


Author Title
Mazur, Gail At First, They
Rector, Liam Best Friend
Williams, C. K. Blackbird
Platt, Donald Cartwheels
Di, Xue Cat’s Eye in a Splintered Mirror: 5 (translated from the Chinese by Hu Qian and Keith Waldrop)
Malanga, Gerard Circa ’67 Montale
Davis, Carol Ann Columbarium
Nordbrandt, Henrik Dream of Gold (translated from the Danish by Thom Satterlee)
Thompson, Kyle Fable of the Snails
Nordbrandt, Henrik Fresco (translated from the Danish by Thom Satterlee)
Malanga, Gerard Giangiacomo Feltrinelli
Meek, Sandra Grounding
Cader, Teresa History of Hurricanes
Gehrke, Steve Late Self-Portrait
Tobin, Daniel Marduk
Lemon, Alex Mosquito
Northrop, Kate The Neighbor
Nordbrandt, Henrik A Note from the War in Kosovo (translated from the Danish by Thom Satterlee)
Heaney, Seamus Out of This World
Hoogs, Rebecca Self-Portrait as Porcupine
Collier, Michael Spelunker
Dougherty, Sean Thomas Stenographer of the Damned
Hart, Henry Tabula Rasa
Williams, C. K. Thrush
Beeder, Amy Train
Gehrke, Steve Vanitas for Robert Mapplethorpe


Author Title
Duffin, K. E. Bronx
Davidson, Deborah Considering Language
Sutton, Patrick Force by Two
Birkerts, Sven The Ideal Reader
Mehlman, Jeffrey Kandahar: A Memoir
Duffin, K. E. Marostica
Duffin, K. E. Palladio
Beckman, Joshua Please Do Us a Favor
Miller, Ben Romancing the Dankerts
Melnyczuk, Askold Shadowboxing: Style and Time
Trifonov, Yuri A Visit with Marc Chagall (translated from the Russian by Maxim D. Shrayer)
Wormser, Baron from The Woods: A Meditation

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