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AGNI 60 Table of Contents (2004)

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Words at the threshold. Fiction by Jack Pulaski, Sari Wilson, Kim Adrian, Charles Haverty, Jai Clare, and Margot Singer. Reflections and texts by Russell Banks, Harvey Blume, Lia Purpura, Tom Bissell, as well as portfolio and cover artist Katherine Jackson. Poetry by Catullus, Robert Olen Butler, James Tate, George Kalogeris, Fred Marchant, Megan Newell, Tom Sleigh, and many others.

Purpura’s essay “Glaciology” and Sleigh’s poem “After Herodotus” both won Pushcart Prizes and are reprinted in the 2006 anthology


Author Title
Haverty, Charles Crackers
Clare, Jai The Hand of Fatima
Pulaski, Jack The Matinee
Adrian, Kim My Thoughts on Pâté
Singer, Margot Reunification
Wilson, Sari The Sightseer


Author Title
Winckel, Nance Van Adieu
Christie, A. V. Adoration
Sleigh, Tom After Herodotus
Huchel, Peter Answer (translated from the German by Joel Spector)
Newell, Megan Ars Poetica
Marchant, Fred ars poetica
Allen, Dick At the Shrine of the Lost Cause
Kalogeris, George Camus: Carnets
Wagoner, David The Center of Gravity
Taylor, Sam Coda: For Whom the Bell Tolls
Marchant, Fred Dear Lunacy
Wagoner, David Desire
Upperton, Tim The drill's bright bit, its tip, its jewel
Winckel, Nance Van Eurydice
Richardson, James Frictions
Hoffman, Richard Gold Star Road
Marchant, Fred Half Not
Huchel, Peter The Heretic of Padua (translated from the German by Joel Spector)
Marchant, Fred House on Water, House in Air
Erba, Luciano I’d Like to Go Down in History (translated from the Italian by Ann Snodgrass)
Richardson, James Latecomers
Tate, James Letzeburgesch
Erba, Luciano One of the Things (translated from the Italian by Ann Snodgrass)
Catullus, Poem 22 (translated from the Latin by Diane Arnson Svarlien)
Butler, Robert Olen four pieces of Severance (Piers Gaveston, Chin Chin Chin, Jennifer Hadley, Robert Kornbluth)
Jones, Eve Sleeping Giant
Upperton, Tim Spirit
Loi, Franco from Stròlegh (translated from the Milanese dialect by Andrew Frisardi)
Richer, Ted Swan Song
Berry, Ciaran Trajectory
Erba, Luciano When the Sun Shifts (translated from the Italian by Ann Snodgrass)
Sleigh, Tom Ziggurat


Author Title
Harmon, Joshua The Annotated Mix-Tape
Jackson, Katherine Cake or Death?
Purpura, Lia Glaciology
Banks, Russell H & I
Blume, Harvey Hammer
Birkerts, Sven Reading at the Limit
Melnyczuk, Askold Shadowboxing: From the Diary of a Self-hating Pundit
Bissell, Tom Truth in Oxiana

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